Virgin Atlantic VA

Hello All.

I am thinking of creating this VA as I have looked on the forum and the VA database and can’t find one.

If anyone is interested in starting it up with me please reply to the thread. If you would like to be pilot then also let me know so I can add you to it when we start up.

We will be flying routes in London, SOCAL, New York and Carrabien as virgin have many routes to these locations.

We operate the 787-9, 747-400 (generic) a330(generic) and Both liveries on the A340.

I hope to get this running quickly so we can accept pilots very soon.

If there already is a Virgin VA please let me know.


Good luck! :)

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I’d love to help, but already in several va’s 😐

Good luck but I don’t think that your fleet is so good. Anyway AsianaIFVA wishes you luck.

Good luck :)

I don’t think I have seen any vigin clubs on here yet, however, I’m sure you’ll find many members that fit right in and will help you out running it

IFF wishes you the best chance plus virgin are a great airline

What do you mean you don’t think your fleet is any good? It is the actual fleet if the real life Birgain Atlantic and they do very well indeed…

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I thoght the original one got taken down for copyright.

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Here you go

Introducing Virgin Australia Virtual Group!

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No we are Virgin Australia

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Nevermind, your good to go. Can’t wait to see the VA in the skies

It’s not so large. I know it’s real world but in IF that doesn’t work as good as the IRL Virgin

It seems that VAs that operate close to their IRL counterparts in terms of fleet and routes seem to be the most successful.

The VA was taken down by the IRL CEO with trademarks. It was a good VA too. :(

Oh so will it not work?

you could contact Virgin Atlantic PR / Customer Service dept and ask tell them that you wish to set up a Virtual Airline based on Virgin Atlantic and ask them what needs to be done so that you don’t fall foul of their copy write.

Thanks. I have since taken a role in a different VA so it is going to be easier to focus on that so thanks but I will leave this. Could a @moderators close this