Virgin Atlantic Unveils New A330 Seats

Good Morning IFC! On Virgin Atlantic’s Instagram, they released new seats for their Airbus A330’s.
What was mostly changed is the Economy cabin and Upper class cabin. Premium Economy had subtle changes made. They are retaining the “love seats” that are on the old air Berlin Airbus A330’s but are adding in the Virgin Atlantic Flair. Now for the photos:

The Upper Class:

How they are advertising the different seats in the upper class:

The Premium Economy Class:

Finally, Economy Class:


If you don’t know why they have more eA330’s in their fleet, they are to help cope with the Rolls Royce Trent 787 engine issues that currently plague all of Virgin Atlantic’s Dreamliner fleet. Anyways, what do you think of this? Let me know down below!


Nice, wish the cabin and Virgin A330 was in the A330 rework.

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Good Evening Daniel, time zone differences 🙃

Anyways, this looks like a nice revamp, although i have never flown with VA, i can tell that this looks very good, modern and fresh since most A330 are old by now and need an interior upgrade to make it look more satisfying and welcoming. This is a good change they’ve made now that the 787 engines are causing trouble for the airliner…


@Daniel14 where is you’re time zone?

Well good evening to you! I have flown onboard with them on the Dreamliner and it is very nice, I can only hope they roll this out to their whole fleet so I can enjoy next time I go to London with them next year. 😊We May see this on their A350-1000 fleet which starts to arrive next year.


I also have never flown with a VA, I can join without support but if I need support I have to reach TrustLevelTwo.

The Dreamliner is a beauty to travel with, had the opportunity to fly it last year, but you mentioned A350-1000…
Now that’s interesting, didn’t know Virgin had those on order, haha 😅


Never flown on the 787. The rarest I flown on is bigger: BOEING 747!

Yeah they have for I think a year or 2 now, this is going to be probably their standard seating from now on, I thought this might be for just the A330 for now but since they are receiving so much feedback and love for this I think the will

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So the source is that DailyMailThing right?

Will go check the source, ok?

I checked on Virgin Atlantic also, this is reliable

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Ok, I never have a lot of flight experience. That’s why I only flew a 747.

Well i hope to travel with VA someday then :)
The interior looks as i said modern and fresh. I like the Color-Combo thay have with back and red. Looks really nice.

And the business class looks spacious and even premium and standard economy looks good, the seats just from the looks looks like they are comfortable to sit on.

And i always love the 2-3-2 or 2-4-2 seating in the economy row. Since my family consists of four of us, sitting 2 and 2 is always nice as i always want the widow seat ;)


Same, my family which is also four people got 2 rows of premium economy so the seating arrangement is perfect and I am glad they didn’t change it that they kept it how it was


The premium economy seats actually looks like they’re are premium, what i mean is they have this look of being something that’s in between Standard Economy and Business. Sort of what Premium is supposed to be, a middle stage, seating class.
Plus the Black looks elegant on it, really is premium, huh… ;)

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Really nice Premium Economy they got there, reminds me of Austrian Airlines premium economy.
The rest is really nice too, love their Upper Class too!


I’ll have to beg my mom for upper class Solo Corner seat. That just looks amazing, kinda like JAL 787 Buisness.

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Right. I’m saving my money so I can upgrade to that seat on the KLAX-EGCC route they are starting next year that I may go on.

Definitely agree with you!