Virgin Atlantic to purchase Mini Concorde!

This is literally a mini concorde nothing else to say. Would love to see this flying soon!


The question is: will it be profitable?


looks like it should be.

Profitable or not, I wanna fly on it


I don’t really approve of a new Concorde jet being produced, I feel as if it’ll ruin the face of the aviation industry, but that’s just my opinion…


I kinda wish it didn’t look identical to Concorde, as it kinda will make people forget of him
R.I.P. Concorde✈️☠


why?! give some reasoning

I don’ t agree either. The concorde was a great plane. On it’s lifetime only had one fatal crash. And because other plane lost a peace of metal! It should be updated! With new engines, refined airodiamics and new computers it would be a great way to fly fast and safe!


But it would be too expensive to maintain, it can´t carry a lot of passengers (100), and because its supersonic, fuel costs would be its biggest burden.


Have You heard about the blackbird engines? The pilots discovered that the faster they go,
the less they consume…

And a lot of VIPs gladdly pay a lot to fly supersonic. There are many projectos for new super Sonic flight!

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Searched for them, I´m not very convinced such engines would be used:

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I agree, but the technology don’ t stop evolving! If going to space was stoped because of
the costs, would never be in the moon! Have You seen pipistrel panthera? With an engine
smaller than cirrus, goes faster and whith less fuel for longer time! Only because airodiamics and refinement in every detail!


Well the Concorde is way more expensive than today’s jets. If the Concorde is reproduced, then it may cost billions just to make them vs. the millions spent on modern day jets. Another point: the Concorde can’t carry the same amount of passengers than a larger Boeing or Airbus jet. This means that tickets will be super expensive for passengers in order to get a limited number of seats. The aviation industry will begin to plummet because people will not spend extra hundreds of dollars just to go supersonic speeds to their destination

Time will see. Technology and materials are better and better. Carbon fiber migth be the future of big planes, siemens is developing an eletric motor for aviation that weighs 45kg and delivers 250bhp…

if you read the article its not being reproduced its being rebuilt from the ground up so that it is about 1/4 of the price of a concorde ticket.

I agree. I wish it looked more like the supersonic business jets.

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but don’t you like the legacy Concorde look?

Oh definitely! It’s a very nice look.

Only 40 passengers?