Virgin Atlantic to Islamabad

Inflight pics from operating Virgin Atlantic flight VS362 to Islamabad (OPIS) from Manchester (EGCC) including just before touch down!

Landed at around 21:30 Pakistani time on Expert Server. The touchdown pic is from replay mode where I changed the time to see the footage better.


This is gonna get flagged. But nevertheless great photos !


Why would it get flagged? I followed the guidance when writing it up?

There is UI still in it. Though I won’t flag it. I think they are nice especially with the scenery.


Try cropping these pictures so that the great shots do not get shot down 😏

Ah ok I know for future now!

Hey, unfortunately, again that moment when you are posted for 1 hours earlier.

The topic follows in the rules, the displayer name and boxes are hidden, and also too, no more than one topic per day mean 24 hour limited and you will be waiting for the patient when leave up the future post at IFC. Screenshots and Videos Category.

Thank you for understanding, please be careful.

I actually saw you doing that flight live!

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Nice photos!

Not a lot of people fly to Islamabad it’s nice seeing you did great photos!

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Nice pictures indeed! Please make sure to look at the info post for the Screenshots and Videos category which explains a couple of things regarding the topics. The screenshots you post shouldn’t contain any UI. You can take screenshots without UI directly from the Replay File of the flight which increases the picture quality a lot!