Virgin Atlantic "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" 747-400 Livery

Virgin Atlantic “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” 747-400 Livery

Hello everyone on the Infinite Flight Community!

As some of you may know, Virgin Atlantic released a new livery this week on one of their 747’s previously named “Hot Lips” (G-VLIP) was repainted in a star-wars millenium falcon livery to celebrate the newest addition to star wars, “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” the livery can be seen below:

The Reason I Believe This Should Be Added:

I believe this livery should be added because Virgin Atlantic has such a beautiful livery and rarely produces special liveries on their aircraft. In Infinite Flight, there is currently no Virgin Atlantic livery on the 747-400, despite virgin atlantic owning 13 in total (8 currently serving.) Another reason I believe this should be added is because overall, it is a very unique livery. I know what you’re thinking, “ANA already released star wars related liveries” but this is unique compared to the others. Like I stated above, Virgin Atlantic rarely release special liveries and it’d be amazing to see this used in Infinite Flight.

Thanks for reading this article, and feel free to vote for it!



This is an interesting and one fantastic livery to see in Infinite Flight, especially with my favourite (and missing) 747 livery. I am sorry to say this,

But as Schyllberg stated, this livery may not be added into Infinite Flight due to copyright issues. Mostly with Disney.

“it’s not happening due to Disney being really strict with their trademarks :( “



Stupid Disney with they copyrights I would love this and the ANA BB 8 one


I still think we should have it in the game though.
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I don’t think IF can have any Star Wars themed liveries because of legal issues.

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Makes sense. Wouldn’t mods have closed this already though?

Idk, but I think they closed the united airlines B737 Star Wars one

That’s true. I’m still optimistic though. (I bet mods are going to close this and then I’m going to regret my posting this)
RIP optimism.

I really wish they would let us have some Disney liveries, it’s not like we’re making them look bad or giving them negative attention

Always good to ask, but copyright laws are copyright laws. Closing this to return your votes.