Virgin Atlantic Receives Its First A350-1000

On the 11th of August 2019 Virgin Atlantic received its first Airbus A350-1000 out of a total order of 12 and 1 more that they can add in the future. They will be operating them from both London Heathrow and Gatwick airports. The A35K can travel the most distance out of the A350 series. They will fly them to JFK most likely starting in September this year.

Virgin Atlantic now has a new cabin with the arrival of the A35K

Upper Class Cabin

  • Every seat now faces towards the window and offers deployable privacy screens.
  • Laid out in a 1-2-1 configuration, every suite has a 44” pitch, with a fully flat bed length of up to 82”
  • All suites will transition seamlessly from an upright seat, straight to a bed.
  • It boasts Virgin Atlantic’s largest ever in-flight entertainment screen, at 18.5”and features intuitive new system, controllable by customers’ own personal device.
  • In line with the rest of the fleet, every customer will still have direct aisle access.

Premium Economy And Economy

  • Both have the largest entertainment screens ever offered; 13.3” in Premium and 11.6” in Economy.
  • Premium customers will also enjoy a generous 7” recline, increased space for storage, a four way adjustable headrest and a luxurious leather seat customers know and love.
  • Economy seats have been upgraded to new luxurious fabrics offering adjustable headrests. Economy Light and Classic will offer a 31” seat pitch whilst Economy Delight offers 34”.

Virgin Atlantic is also rolling out it’s new flying icons on the A350

The A350 will also be the first aircraft in Virgin Atlantic’s fleet to feature its new Flying Icons, which are set to replace the airline’s famous Flying Ladies. The high flyers are a diverse range of men and women representing modern Britain, rolled out on the four A350-1000 aircraft this year, followed by a further eight by 2021.

Mark Anderson, Executive Vice President Customer, at Virgin Atlantic commented;

“The introduction of our A350 represents a true evolution of our customer experience. We believe flying should be exciting, whether it’s your first or 100th flight with us and that’s why we’ve elevated our offering to provide our customers with something totally unique. The A350 forms a significant part of our fleet transformation strategy and by 2022, we’ll have our youngest, cleanest, greenest fleet in the sky as the aircraft transforms our customer experience, reduces our environmental impact and improves our route economics.”


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Yup… meanwhile BA goes ahead and installs enclosing doors on their A350s.


The A350 looks really good in the Virgin Atlantic livery!!


It sure does


Wonderful news🤗🤗👍👍


What a beautiful livery on a beautiful aircraft! 😍

(BTW, did they make the red color darker or has it always been like that?)


I don’t think it’s darker.


I’m an absolute sucker for Virgin Atlantic’s livery. She looks great on the A350!


I’m so happy! I fly with Virgin Atlantic every year so I will definitely be flying on this beauty at sometime! But I am also sad to see that it will be replacing the Boeing 747-400s. Had a great time flying on them from manchester every year!

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Can the A35X fly as far as the 789?

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Every single livery looks good on this beast 😍

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My new profile pic 😍

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Looks awesome!


amazing but will be sad to see the 340 go at the end of the year.


Good summary, but why would Virgin Atlantic operate them to JFK? One of their most popular routes is from London/Gatwick to Orlando - so why not showcase its long-range capability?

I’m sure it has to do with “testing the waters” of the A350, but then again I’m not sure. Very glad VA decided to get the A350 as a whole.

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Because I’m so kind I have got more pictures of this amazing aircraft and livery, they are all from Virgin Atlantic’s Twitter

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Is the A350-900ULR not the longest range variant?

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Turns out I was correct 😜

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@CaptainHugh the A35K has a maximum range of 8,693.3045 NM and the A350 ULR has a maximum range of 9,700 NM.

Source: Airbus

Alright thanks

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