Virgin Atlantic Receives A £1.2 Billion Bailout!

So has Jet2, Tui and Easyjet had £1.2 billion bailouts for the 3/4 months they had off?

True. Lives on his private island.

Thats why half the UK population hates him. Its all about the money for him. Tries suing BA for having more heathrow slots in the 2000s. Like sorry, what

@Zak_Plant put your differences aside and take this to a PM if you want, please put yourself in the shoes of the airline, the industry, and it’s people. Virgin Atlantic put people on administrative leave like every airline in the world. At the end of the day, every industry has ups and downs, and these pilots will re-enter the industry.

Talk to any pilot, and staff member of Virgin Atlantic and they will tell you this is great news.


So ur avoiding that every holiday airline in the uk that stopped for 3/4 months didnt want that bail out?

@Zak_Plant Despite the terrible practice of their CEO, I don’t think it is right to wish an airline completely collapsed because you would be just as bad as Branson himself if you didn’t care about all those people’s livelihoods!


I don’t like Branson much but you don’t see me wishing the company collapses. Realise that he has far less controlling interests in most of the companies within Virgin Group or those that carry the brand. I care for the workers, that’s why I would never wish such nonsense on a company that employs people. IAG’s Willie Walsh is a far greater issue.



they have not because they have not secured funds, it doesn’t mean Virgin Atlantic is bad, it just means that they were on significance to their loaners and were given the money. Jet 2, Tui, and EasyJet will have to find their ways. They were not in as dire of a situation, and if they were they would get assistance.

Virgin Atlantic needed the bail out, because the other airlines werent in financial trouble before. They got very unlucky with their financial trouble, not because they made bad decisions.

Plus, it’s illegal for Richard Branson to keep any of that money for myself. He’s required to put all of it towards the airline. Also, Delta wouldn’t let that happen, because Delta owns 49% of Virgin Atlantic, so Delta won’t let Richard Branson take any money

@Zak_Plant it doesn’t matter if you like Richard Branson or not. We are not speaking on the welfare of him, but the thousands of people who work, travel, and are in affiliation with Virgin Atlantic.

Before COVID-19 the airline had plans, they were expanding, like any airline they now have to cut down. As I said every industry has ups and downs.

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It would be like you saying that Kim Jong Un is a terrible dictator and saying that we should send a nuclear missile to kill everybody that lives there. Do you think the regular citizens of the communist dictatorship are at fault?

@Zak_Plant as I mentioned they were not as close to collapsing.

If they need a bailout, any airline with potential will secure one. Flybe had debt yet they secured one.

@Zak_Plant PM me if you want to talk more about your criticism to Virgin Atlantic and Richard Branson, however this is not what the thread is for right now.

Here is how he could have made money - Move out of Heathrow and sell the slots and hangars simple

OK, he moves out of Heathrow, then what does he do? He has his small Gatwick base, which is almost a full airport at this point, he would have 43 aircraft lying around, he become such a small airline with only a few destinations that it would be viable to survive


Finally to add, you will never convince me that Richard Branson is a good guy and that Virgin deserve what they get

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Manchester, Gatwick, Glasgow what more does he want? A purpose built airport for Virgin

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That’s not what I said, he moved out of Gatwick, to Heathrow. I don’t understand what you’re saying. It’s like you want British Airways charge $100,000 per ticket. If virgin Atlantic was nothing, British Airways could charge as much as they want on specific routes, and they have no one to compete with.

Ok good. BA stops flying their 747s to LAX 😒
and this is the last airline to fly KLAX-EGCC

Tell that to the thousands of employees at Virgin and the hundreds of thousand who fly with them. Take the negativity elsewhere.