Virgin Atlantic Receives A £1.2 Billion Bailout!

Virgin Atlantic Receives Bailout

Virgin Atlantic Airways, a airline founded under Richard Branson, has grown to become the second largest UK long haul carrier, only to follow British Airways. Virgin Atlantic cut over 3,000 jobs due to the pandemic, and stopped all flying for a while. The airline quoted:

“The U.S. border closure and U.K. quarantine measures have been in place for far longer than originally anticipated. We increase passenger operations, the opening of U.S. borders and removal of quarantine is imperative to recovery”.

Virgin Atlantic strives on transatlantic travel, in fact, 70% of their flights are transatlantic to the United States. After closing their London Gatwick bade, they have all operations from Heathrow.

Virgin has since returned to service, with these routes:

Every Day Routes
Heathrow to Hong Kong (HKG), New York (JFK), Los Angeles (LAX), Barbados (BGI), Shanghai (PVG) and Miami (MIA).

Special Routes

  • London Heathrow (LHR) to Delhi (DEL) — 1 September with three weekly flights
  • London Heathrow (LHR) to Tel Aviv (TLV) — 6 September with three weekly flights
  • London Heathrow (LHR) to Lagos (LOS) — 10 September with four weekly flights
  • London Heathrow (LHR) to Atlanta (ATL) — 15 September with three weekly flights
  • London Heathrow (LHR) to Mumbai (BOM) — 16 September with four weekly flights

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Yet another 1,650 jobs have been cut. Branson thinking about his pocket again.


It was necessary for the survival of the airline. As bad as it is to see jobs being cut, I feel that if it’s for the survival of in multi million dollar corporation, it’s worth it. Hopefully they can hire them back, because obviously it’s never good when job are cut.

No other uk airline has asked for any over £1 billion to keep survive. Its good that i wont have to fly for that money grabbing human

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Richard Branson is not trying to grab money, he’s trying to keep the airline in a good place. Plenty of other airlines of us for over $1 billion. Virgin Lantic especially a big corporation that has had a financial deficit of the past few years. I’m sure they could’ve done fine with a little bit of less, but it got approved, so clearly the government doesn’t have a problem with it


Tell that to families of NHS workers when he tried to sue them. Tbh i hope Virgin Group Collapses

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If you want this to happen then you can’t personally care for thousands of workers who form this group. Wishing mass job losses is disgraceful in my view given the hardships in the industry right now.


Yay! I’m glad it worked out! Virgin is my all time favorite airline, so I’m really glad they will live to fly another day


Tell that to the people who work for Virgin Atlantic.


Richard Branson is a capitalist who only cares about his pocket and nothing else, anyways he is a very smart man and I happen to love his airline! I am really glad that they were bailed out because this is the best airline in the UK compared to BA’s declining service!


I agree…

Thank you @Pingu. Wishing that an entire corporation collapses and leaves many thousands of people without a job all because the founder (who, mind you, isn’t currently the ceo or in a management position at any of the Virgin brands) didn’t want to throw in some of his own money , is honestly shameful


Why is everybody attacking the company? This should be a happy topic, announcing that Virgin Atlantic lives. If you don’t have anything helpful to contribute other than insults, then don’t post.


No I said later that I am really excited that they got the bailout and that I love this amazing airline. If you actually would’ve read what I wrote then you would know…

I just posted a review on this airline earlier Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy Review | More Worth It Than Business? @AviatorNikola


I’ll just put it simply I hate the owner but I love the airline.

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@AviatorNikola, your right, Branson didn’t want to contribute to the effort out of his pocket, but I’m damn glad the government approved it and saved the airline, because Virgin Atlantic is countless times better than BA, and there should always be competition in the industry. It forces airlines to grow and to improve.


@Zak_Plant Virgin Atlantic like any other airline, any other industry affected has to act with job cuts because routes have been cut, not every destination can be flown to right now. Furthermore, they are trying to survive so they can bring these employees back. Virgin Atlantic asked for a 1.2 Billion pound bailout not out of greed but out of survival. British Airways is supported by the government, Easy Jet only operates narrow body as do many other UK carriers. On the other hand, Virgin Atlantic operates widebody only and is not government-supported. In the end this 1.2 Billion-pound bailout secure jobs for pilots, staff, and much more allowing them to put food on the table and continue on with their careers. Your opinion is yours, however in an environment where you can say anything you want, you will also be subject to criticism. Heres mine. You should not wish anyone to lose their job, any airline to collapse. Thousands of more people would lose their jobs if this didnt occur in a COVID-19 rattled environment, where finding another job or even putting food on the table is a very hard task. I recommend you put yourself in their shoes and speak with reason. Whatever you have against Virgin Atlantic, I urge you to put that aside and think with respectful-well measured-reason. Virgin Atlantic did this from a company’s monetary standpoint to ensure survival or the company and its employees, but this is great news to anyone, especially those working for Virgin Atlantic. There’s nothing negative in this news, its great news for everyone.


The 10 he hasnt fired?

My problem with this guy is that he is a brutal capitalist that regularly fires people for small reasons and ruins people’s livelihoods without a care in the world. He evaded taxes from the UK and always gets involved in lawsuits. These are all characteristics of a successful businessman but he has no moral compass at all.

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