Virgin Atlantic partners

I have been wondering why virgin Atlantic are partners with delta not virgin America for American routes seeing as they are owned by the same parent company?


It’s the transatlantic flights there partnered for I think

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I think Virgin Australia and Virgin America are simply independent companies which licence the Virgin name and received seeding money from the bearded one.

Delta and Virgin America have a history of friendship comparable with the Itchy & Scratchy show!


Delta has bought the maximum minority share of Virgin’s stock (49%) from Singapore Airlines. As a result, they have some say in the airline’s route assignment and daily operations (see Craig Keeger). One added benefit of the partnership is the close relationship both airlines have in the transatlantic route department. The recent shuffle of flights from Portland/Seattle - LHR from Delta to Virgin, in order to spread Delta’s assets elsewhere, is a good example.

By law, a U.S airline cannot be owned by more than 25% of foreign investments, in which this case would be Richard Branson and the Virgin Group. Due to that, Virgin America operates independently with little input from Virgin Group on what they can and cannot do.

Hope this cleared a few things up.


Virgin America doesn’t fly Trans-AT.

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