Virgin Atlantic Livery not quite right

So after my first flight in the newly reworked a330 (great job guys), I noticed the Virgin Atlantic livery was a little off.

In game the red seems very pale and the text is bright purple. The real life livery, the red was a lot darker and nicer looking and the text (while still purple) wasn’t as pronounced.


Hi @Nutterbutter (related to Justin’s nut butter by any chance?)

This has been noted internally and is being looked into, however it is also worth noting that the colours will not always be 100% accurate due to rendering inside of the simulator.

Hopefully will be fixed in the future 🙂


Nope 😂

Ah fair enough, cheers!

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I see no difference between these pictures 😐

This is very similar to the AA livery on the A320. Take a look for yourself in the sim the pictures don’t fully show the colors.

It’s a mobile simulator the colors will have trouble rendering, also the simulator doesn’t incorporate the elements presented in the second picture very well.


I think my vision is okay. Literally the second picture is as pale as the infinite flight one. Only thing shining is a portion of the right engine cover 😐 you posted a pale picture with another pale picture that’s why I said there is no difference

Nah the red is a lot more vibrant than the red in IF.

They got it close to right on the 787 tho

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