Virgin Atlantic Little Red A320 - EI-DEO

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In my opinion this aircraft is a stunner and suites the Virgin Atlantic livery so so much! I flew with them a few times when they where operating on the years 2012 to 2015 but then they seized operation later in 2015 because of low passenger numbers. You can read more at ( about the airline.

But, i think this is still a wonderful plane and would personally fly it if it was added as an alternative to using the BA A319 or EasyJet planes around the UK for domestic flights.

Let me know what you think of the plane and if you like it, vote!


Wow so there is an A320 livery from every Virgin branded airline (Virgin Australia, Atlantic and America)? Nice. Looks great too.


Here comes the new baby,
When I saw your post I loved the picture
And I really like the livery

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Yeah, i think the livery really does suite the plane

Also I don’t think we will ever see this added but it is a really good looking plane (admittedly like all the rest of Vigins fleet) When I also flew with them the service was great. It’s a real shame they closed.

Id love this, but livery-updates are a rare occasion nowadays so i doubt that we will this soon

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The registration starts with EI, and I know that EI is the registration that all planes have in Ireland. So would that mean that Virgin Atlantic is an Irish airline? Just wanted to make sure.

During its operation, the airline operated four Airbus A320s wet leased from Irish airline Aer Lingus and served a network of four domestic destinations.
Nevermind, just found out.

By the way, I find this livery very nice. I think it would be a nice addition in IF!

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Yeah, they are rare but sometimes rare things get added.

Still hoping for this beauty to be added one day

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Yes same, it’s a beautiful aircraft and it would add more diversity as there aren’t many VA aircraft. Only two I believe.


Yeah the A340-400 and 787-9, so adding the A320 would add to that and i would love to see the 747-400 bur that’s another feature request.


Still hoping, that one day this can be added into IF.

Unfortunately I do not have votes for this topic, but I would very much like to see this livery in the IF. You have my support.

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Stunning livery

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I used to love seeing this at my local airport, unfortunately as you said the stopped operating little red as passenger count was low, but still non-the-less its an amazing livery!
Voted :)

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Yeah thanks for the support guys, I think this is a great livery too!

The livery actually suits this plane

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