Virgin Atlantic | LHR-SFO | Airbus A340-600

Hey IFC!
I love Virgin Atlantic’s fleet! It’s sad that they retired the A340, though the decline in quad jet aircraft was inevitable. Airlines are retiring their A340s, A380s and 747s like flies. I’m just bracing for when British Airways finally retires their Boeing 747s. That will be a very sad day for us all, they were by far the biggest user of the passenger 747-400.
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Callsign: VGVACOO
The photos are ready!
Heavy takeoff from Heathrow

Climbing into the sky

Made it to cruise! If that far jet wasn’t visible people would easily mistake this as a VS A330

Zooming high over the Atlantic

Over Canada

Flying over my home state of Montana

Getting ready to descend into SFO

Safe landing in SFO!

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Oh trivia! The winner of this gets a virtual high five.

Before Virgin America went under, what one airport in the world had service from all three Virgin airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, and Virgin Australia?

LAX I believe!

Fantastic shots!


I believe that’s correct, but I’m not the host of the trivia.

Great shots nonetheless! ;)

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Nice shots!

The thought of that just makes me depressed 😔

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Totally agree… 😔

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LAX is correct! 👏

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Edit: Just read the answer. Lol

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Very nice picture! A340 is an interesting one 😂

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Man, It’ll be sad to see the 747 go. It’s such a beautiful aircraft, and British took care of their fleet well. Though I once flew on their 747 to LHR a couple of years ago, so at least I enjoyed it while it lasted…
Awesome pictures! The A340 is also an amazing aircraft!

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Fantastic shots! Looks like it was a great flight. :)

KLAX. My home airport :D