Virgin Atlantic | LHR-KIN | Boeing 787-9

Hey IFC!
These past couple days I was camping so I haven’t been able to do any posts recently, my apologies. But I’m back, and flying is just as much if not more fun than before the camping trip!
Server: Expert

Callsign: VGVACOO
The photos are here!
Our wonderful ride for today, a stunning 787 Dreamliner

Blasting out of Heathrow - well, this plane isn’t really that loud so let’s say soaring out of Heathrow instead

Climbing high

Reached cruise. I bet Virgin Atlantic has some good food on board

By far my favorite 787 livery

I love them wide fuselages

Descending into Kingston

Final 12

Safe landing in KIN

My second favorite jet engine of all time, under the GE90
I hope y’all enjoyed!


🤩 very nice photos!

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Yes I love this
Sick editing

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