Virgin Atlantic LHR-JNB

So a while back I decided to just randomly take a few screenshots of a flight from London Heathrow to Johannesburg. The shots over the Channel right at sunset were very beautiful in my opinion, and I thought I should share them.

EGLL-FAOR. Expert server, flight time 9:50.


Wow, these are some awesome shots! Keep up the good work!

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@Shane thank you very much!

Very nice pictures of a truly amazing livery!

Epic pics!

Of course, these are awesome, and I hope I can see more threads like this from you. :)

@yoshi_flyer thank you. I think it’s one of the best livery’s and airlines out there

Thank you! And suggestions for scenic routes to take pics of?

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EGLL-FACT BA 747-400 is pretty scenic

The northwestern corner of China, which has deserts, and the middle east are very mountainous and cool areas. I know it’s not the most realistic route ever, but maybe ZBAA or VHHH to OAKB. Kabul has a very cool approach due to it being surrounded by mountains.

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That sounds like a cool flight! I’ll check it out. What aircraft would you recommend?

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I flew into there with a 747 and it was really fun, so any 747 with any livery that’d made sense for the two destinations.

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Air China has a hub at ZBAA, right. Thinking air China 748

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Yeah, I was thinking that as well. Definitely give it a try, and make a screenshots post about it if you think you can get some good pics out of it! Have a good day. :)

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Thanks for the idea. I can try it tomorrow, 2,500 nm is a bit long for now.