Virgin Atlantic | LHR-JFK | Boeing 787-9

Hey IFC!
Today we explore one of the most popular and profitable routes in the world, the transatlantic flights between New York and large Europe destinations, such as Paris, Frankfurt, and in this case, London! Incredible amount of traffic over the North Atlantic any hour of any day! Alright! Let’s get to the details.

Callsign: VGVACCO (Imitating VS3)

Server: Expert

Finally! The photos are here. Let’s dive in.
Gear up! On time takeoff from LHR at 8:10AM. A Dreamliner full of business travelers commuting between back and forth.

Wing view from 7000ft

Reached cruise alt, flying over the active airspace of Dublin! You can actually spot a plane parked down there.

Leaving sight of land and venturing out into the middle of nowhere, if we have an issue no one else can help me except for the people on this plane.

Made it across the pond!

What a beautiful plane!

Approaching New York! One of the most interesting places on earth. When an astronaut goes to space, this may be one of the places they think about most.

On final runway 4R!

Landed! Let’s get these businessmen off the plane and up into them skyscrapers. Go move us money!
Thanks for viewing, I hope you enjoyed!
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Nice photos! And I think you forgot to put this in Screenshots and Videos

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Why are so many people attempting Project Sunrise routes?😂

Oh wait, this ain’t Project Sunrise🤣🤣.

Anyway, great pics as usual👌


@NoahM haha thanks, switched it.
@Claudio “attempt” what do you mean by that? I don’t think it’s that risky of a route, though it does push the 787-9 up pretty close to its max range.

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Love how you said

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I always forget to change it too 😂

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These are so amazing 🤩🤩awesome photos


The 9th photo has started to seize to exist. Are you all still seeing it?

I am able to see the 9th photo - maybe restart your browser.

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Great photos!

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