Virgin atlantic, Emirates OR British airways.

Which airline from the above is the best

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Emirates all the way!

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Emirates Airlines.

Emirates FTW!

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100% VA (obviously :D)


Depends where you are flying…North America destinations then Virgina Atlantic, if heading east then Emirates, rest of the world BA. BA short haul around Europe is always good value too.

Made a poll,

  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Emirates
  • British Airways

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try making polls, its lot more easier

I do have to say Emirates although I don’t like them because they are selling too cheep tickets to have a fair competition between airlines


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Have just come back from a trip where I flew BA Clubworld to Houston, SouthWest Houston to Newark and then BA world Traveler Plus JFK back home. Normally fly Virgin Atlantic Eco Plus on North Atlantic trips.

Clubworld was fantastic, full lie down bed, excellent food and good service. Best from my point of view was that I was on the upper deck with seat right behind the cockpit on the Port ( Left) side and got a chance to look in the cockpit before we set off! However with the seat layout with the screen dividers up meant that I couldn’t look out of the side window!

I had a very good experience with SouthWest ( B737-7) on flight North, paid for the early bird boarding ( about $8) so was able to pick a very good seat, 1F, lots of leg room and a window seat!!

World Traveler Plus on return was OK. Had a very good seat with even more legroom then in Clubworld, though seat only reclined a little bit! Was an exit row again on port side of cabin so no one next to me. Service was as good as ‘upstairs’ and the food was OK. However food and service etc is same as offered in WT class so you are paying extra only for slightly larger seat.

Overall would rate the Clubworld experience as even after a 10 hr flight was ready to go to work after getting to Houston. However if choosing between WT+ or Virgin Eco Plus would go with Virgin every time, better service, better food and better ICE for the respective grade.

I think you’re my soulmate :p I think the same way and agree about everything you say :D

Who me or David lockwood

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Emirates 100%