Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Cockpit

Didn’t know if this was the right place for it , but anyway, a view of the Virgin 787-9 cockpit at the gate at Heathrow on arrival from San Francisco, just this Tuesday. Took the picture as I was an unacommpanied minor flying, and because we landed 1hr 45 mins ahead of time I was held on the aircraft for a while, so the co-pilot gave me a tour of the beauty and also the Cabin’s Sleeping Area above the first class cabin and economey cabin. Amazing aircraft, especially the way VA has configured it.


This is a very modern plane, you’re lucky to have this experience.

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Here are my cockpit picsimageUploading…


Wait for the second one to upload first. Also what is the aircraft of the first one

Yeah aircraft and carrier? Always a great experience to be in one these days, especially as they aren’t a regular oppurtunity due to higher security procedures!

MD80 American is the first one

The 2nd one is a 727

It says uploading

I’ve gone in a 737, 717, 727, A319, A320, E190, E170, CRJ700, MD80,88,83,90.
I just don’t have pics for all of them. There are two ways to get in a cockpit. The first one is to peek in the cockpit and act amazed. Then the stewardess or steward might let you in. The second is ask the steward/stewardess to let you in and they probably will.


Yeah. I was invited in by the co-pilot but would’ve probably asked anyway lol!

I once sat in the cockpit during landing! it was amazing! But i lost them…

‘lost them’?

Yea, i don’t know where i put them! Im joking! I don’t know if i deleted them.

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I’ve been to the A340 cockpit. Beautiful as this one.

Wait, they wouldn’t let you off the plane because you where an unaccompanied minor.

Basically, we landed a whopping 1hr 45 minutes ahead of the scheduled arrival, meaning upon arriving at Heathrow, the Virgin Atlantic Crew Member who escorts unaccompanied minors was already dealing with a departing aircraft and wasn’t available, so we had to wait on the plane until they became available, which was like 25 minutes later.

Is there flap 17 and 18?

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