Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400

Virgin Atlantic Livery for the Boeing 747-400.

Credit : William Bradley via

About this livery:

  • This current aircraft is operated by Virgin Atlantic Airlines, UK’s second largest long-haul airline.
  • This Virgin Atlantic’s livery is also named “Jersey Girl”.
  • It has up to 8 current 747 aircrafts operating today.
  • The Boeing 747-400s are used high-density holiday traffic routes – primarily out of Gatwick and Manchester.
  • These are configured in a three class layout with Upper Class, Premium Economy and Economy Class, with a total of 455 passengers.
  • The 747-400 is the oldest aircraft in Virgin’s fleet, averaging roughly 18 years.
  • Their Home Airport is based on London Gatwick and Manchester.

About Virgin Atlantic :


  • Manchester to Bridgetown

  • Manchester to Las Vegas

  • Manchester to Orlando Intl.

  • Manchester to Atlanta Intl.

  • Manchester to Dubai

  • Manchester to New York JFK

  • London Gatwick to Bridgetown

  • London Gatwick to Cancun

  • London Gatwick to Havana

  • London Gatwick to Las Vegas

  • London Gatwick to Montego Bay

  • London Gatwick to Orlando Intl.

  • London Gatwick to Atlanta Intl.

  • London Gatwick to New York JFK

Why I would want this livery for Infinite Flight:
In my opinion, this is a missing livery that we really need in Infinite Flight. Virgin Atlantic contains beautiful aircrafts with the livery we all love. The Boeing 747 will cease to exist in the future. That will give us a great experience flying with these, especially giving the advantage on future events and Virgin Atlantic’s VA. Also this is one of the coolest or the nicest liveries of the 747 I saw myself past these years in the UK.

Just a few last words: I would be happy for any positive response on this feature. I would hope to get a few votes to lead this livery. Have that in mind that I did search for this feature and noticed that the older thread was closed, so I decided to create a new one. I would be very happy for this livery to push in some time this year. Thanks! 🇬🇧

Beautiful aircraft, I see it in KATL all the time


Yep it is, but they also fly to Atlanta too?

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They fly the A340 and 747 from Manchester and Edmonton I belive. One arrival from each aircraft every day

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They do make Routes to Atlanta. They also make Routes to New York JFK, according to Flightradar24.

Stunning aircraft, I see it a lot where I work and it’s breathtaking every time!! Would be brilliant to have the livery on IF especially for our VA as well!! Virgin Virtual Group | Join the Best

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True, true! I also do love the engine sound of the Boeing 747. I saw a comparison video in Manchester lately. And the livery is also one of the greatest in the 747 which i do agree. :)

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Never seen this plane fly to Dubai before.

This beauty sadly still isn’t in our hands yet. Definitely voting for this one!

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Thank you very much! :)

Tried editing this picture as accurate as I can. I had time, so why not. I always edit pictures on my livery features. Here is the one I have been making quite long. I hope you enjoy and, most importantly, vote for this aircraft if you definitely want this livery for the 747!
Cheers! 🇬🇧🇬🇧 🍻


I’ve flew on their boeing 747-400 twice from Manchester to Barbados (both times) they’re a great airline to fly with and probably the best British airline!

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That is true. I really love Barbados and all the other holiday routes Virgin operates. Mostly out of Manchester (I think).

Just finished fixing my edit of the Virgin Atlantic. It looks more brighter and smoother than before. I am also thinking of making more edited photos like this one.

Saw the a340 in ATL on Thursday. 😍😍

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Really, all Virgin arrivals in US Airports is awesome to see.

Isnt there already a virgin 747?

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Nope. It is missing. The picture above is just edited.

Whoa i was thinking of the A340 haha sorry

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Its a beautiful aircraft I completely agree and it would be awesome to see it in the near future, however she’s called Barbarella, but its a common mistake, other than that, it’d be really cool to see since there is a slight lack in Virgin Atlantic aircraft in IF.