Virgin Atlantic and British Airways race to New York (JFK) John F. Kennedy - Virgin declared Winner!

There is going to be a live broadcast of Virgin Atlantic and British Airways A350s taking off, parallel (Side by Side) to each other at the same time from London Heathrow to New York John F. Kennedy (JFK). The time they will take-off from is at Monday 8 2021 at 8:20 am local time (London Time) and landing time New York John F. Kennedy (JFK) at 11:15 am local time. British Airways Flight number is BA1 and Virgin Atlantic VS3.

As the government of UK announces travel between UK and US, Both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic both welcome the idea, they will be performing a special welcoming back flight, by doing so they will performing a live broadcast of the two flights to commemorate 600 days of not being able to fly passengers freely between the two countries. This will also be a race to New York JFK John F. Kennedy who gets their first!

Sean Doyle, chairman and chief executive of British Airways, said: “Today is our moment to celebrate the UK-US reopening. We’re setting aside rivalry and, for the first time ever, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic aircraft will be seen taking-off together to mark the vital importance of the transatlantic corridor.

“Transatlantic connectivity is vital for the UK’s economic recovery, which is why we’ve been calling for the safe reopening of the UK-US travel corridor for such a long time. We must now look forward with optimism, get trade and tourism back on track and allow friends and families to connect once again.”

Shai Weiss, Virgin Atlantic chief executive, said: “Today is a time for celebration, not rivalry.

“Together with British Airways, we are delighted to mark today’s important milestone, which finally allows consumers and businesses to book travel with confidence.

“The US has been our heartland for more than 37 years and we are simply not Virgin without the Atlantic. We’ve been steadily ramping up flying to destinations including Boston, New York, Orlando, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and we can’t wait to fly our customers safely to their favourite US cities to reconnect with loved ones and colleagues.

“As the UK forges its recovery from the pandemic, the reopening of the transatlantic corridor and the lifting of Presidential Order 212F acknowledges the great progress both nations have made in rolling out successful vaccine programmes. The UK will now be able to strengthen ties with our most important economic partner, the US, through boosting trade and tourism.”


Imagine if they hadn’t retired their 747s


Yeah, That would of been cooler for sure! Miss both Queen of the skies already! 😔


Place your bets. Who will win the race?

  • British Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic

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IFATCs worst nightmare - busting during the entire flight!


This is a really cool idea, actually! I’ll do my best to tune into NY Approach and listen to the comms.


BA is gonna win by 1 minute again 😂


This will be very interesting! Can’t wait to see who wins!


British Airways, they don’t have the call sign Speedbird for nothing!


Is this the time they will do the livestream?

also will it be livestreamed anywhere other than british television?

It should be on at 12 pm your time, then takeoff is around at 12:20 pm.

I hope their will be a livestream, but not sure, I imagine there will be one.


Alrighty 20 mins to go folks! Let’s go TEAM VIRGIN ATLANTIC!!!

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Got one live stream on YouTube right now @Ritesh321! but got view from 27R though.


BA1 has pushed back! Now we wait for VS3 to pushback!

Alrighty we finally got movement on both BA1 and VS3! Now waiting for parallel takeoff!

They’re on their way!

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We’ve got lift off people!!! Most beautiful side by side takeoff I’ve ever seen! 😍 Seems like Virgin is leading by just!

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There they are!


i’m so glad this route is back. it never gets old for and its
great to see people coming together and being one group welcoming good things after hardship for 600 days


Looks like Virgin Atlantic will be the winner here folks!

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