Virgin Atlantic A350-1000

Yaa I like Virgin Atlantic!good livery

Im using my last vote on this its amazing they better add it to infinite flight

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It would certainly be amazing if they did!


Is one of my favorite colors on an aircraft, and more on the a350 uwu

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God I want this plane so bad!

Last vote used on this? Duh.

And Mythbuster: Us Regulars don’t have Infinite Votes

I hope see and fly with this plane in IF one day! 😍🙏🏻

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I think in general we need the a35K

I think this and the BA A350 liveries are the best on the A350 Including both the 900 and the 1000. I was sad to see we wouldn’t be getting the 1000 at the moment. I hope this comes someday.


beep beep
🚗 🚗 🚗

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would love to see any A350-1000 on the game. it is truly needed

IF will first need to add the a350-1000

yup i’m just hoping we might get it this year

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first we need to get the 350-1000

yes but hopefully soon maybe this year…

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I really hope they add they A350-1000. It’s such a nice looking aircraft. I would argue even better looking than the 77W.
However, I think it would be better if Infinite Flight waited a few more years before adding this aircraft. Perhaps after it garners a few more orders after this pandemic is over and the Paris and Farnborough Airshows open up again.