Virgin Atlantic A350-1000

After seeing a little while ago that Virgin Atlantic placed an order for the A350-1000, I thought once the A350 is added it will look nice and add more Virgin Atlantic Aircraft.

First off, here is a render of what it will look like:

Credit goes here for that image:

A little about the aircraft:

The Airbus A350 was designed to directly compete with the Boeing 777. So far, this is the Widest Single story Aircraft that Airbus has made yet. Powered by 2 rolls Royce Engines this Aircraft has a wide variety of uses. There were three variants planned, while only 2 were made. They are/we’re the A350-900, A350-1000, and A350-800. The A350-800 was never built. There is also the Ultra Long range version, A350-900ULR. Which will be delivered to Singapore Airlines later this year. Recently, Airbus has added a design in to the wings that twists the wing to make it more efficient. Virgin has quite a few on order with first delivery first Half of 2019.

A little about Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic Airways was founded mostly by Richard Branson. The airline has seen many fleet changes, from their first aircraft a 747, to the A330, A340, and then the 787. Soon the A350also. Virgin Operates out of London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester, and a few other airports around the U.K.

How the A350 will be used:

The A350 will be based at both Gatwick and Heathrow to start, operating Business routes from Heathrow, and Leaisure routes from Gatwick. There will be 2 different configurations, for Bussiness Routes their will be more Upper class and Less Economy. For Leaisure Routes, there will be less Upper class and more Economy. Both configurations will have the same amount of Premium Economy.

Credits for most of the info:

Like this request? Why not vote? And maybe we will see this in IF some day!

Wow that looks incredible. I’m gonna remove a vote for this.


Thank you! It is much appreciated

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Would love to vote for this! But…

It’s is true that we need more VA aircraft in the game as the livery is one of my favorite ones due to how simple yet beautiful it is. The problem is the plane. FDS has stated multiple times that the A350 won’t come anytime soon due to how new it is. The A350-900 had its first flight in 2015 and we still don’t have enough info, now imagine the A350-1000 which hasn’t even been 6 months in service. It may come sometime soon but I come to advise you that you MAY get some hate from a couple of people. I will have this post on my “IFC to-do list” for when the A350 is announced!


🤤 What an amazing plane! We’re going to need this soon enough!!!


I’ll leave a vote… 😉
But! Only when the A350 gets released on IF, til then I’ll put this on my wait list for future vote casting 👍🏽


I love Virgin Atlantic! It’s a great airline and for a long time I have wanted more of the airline in IF. I think when the A350 comes out (I think it’s no longer a matter of if) it would suite the plan very well!
Just look at how many A350’s are flying at this moment in time!

Can’t wait for even more A350’s to be released including the -1000.


Shouldn’t we ask for the a350 in general before this


I’m not voting for this, however I just wanted to tell you that your format for fueuture request is absolutely buetiful! Looks wonderful! I hope for you that one day this enters the game. Not a big airbus fan that’s why I’m not voting for this, sorry!


Love this amazing airplane 👍🙌

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I really would just be fine with them adding the A350-1000 no matter what liveries, but there does need to be more of Virgin Atlantic Liveries


I honestly think that virgin Atlantic will need to change there name because they are opening more flights that go over Asia now so it should be Virgin Airlines with subsidiaries called Virgin Asia, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Oceania

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Well, Virgin Atlantic is the original Virgin Airline brand and England is surrounded on all sides by the Atlantic Ocean so there Name fits. But everyone can have their own opinions 😊


I agree on that … I voted by the way


Then again it’s not it’s surrounded by the Atlantic at the north but it’s got the English Channel on at the south, Irish channel on the west and the North Sea on the east soooo


Looks like one beautiful livery!

Nudge nudgey! The aircraft was delivered recently and cabin was released for view this week.

I hope you saw the spoiler last week @Avgeekproductions

I would love this but I do not have any votes

I would love to see this livery come with the a350, especially now that it’s confirmed!

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Right! Would be stunning!

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