Virgin Atlantic a330neo

Virgin Atlantic is currently in discussion with Airbus to buy (10 not sure) A330neo,The rival of 787.

The a330neo is a new version of the new a330, new body, more efficient, new engines,
It is a response to Boeing 787 variants.
A330neo It was launched on 14 July 2014 at the Farnborough Airshow. It will use the Rolls Trent 7000.

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It’s great seeing airbus aircraft taking airlines’ fleets!
Also, for a video in english you can check DJ’s Aviation!

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Wow! Virgin Atlantic is the airline I always fly with whenever I go to America or the Caribbean! Hopefully they will use the a330neo for one of the routes if they do buy them

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Here’s simple flying’s article.

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Fun fact every probably already knew.
B737max was the response to the a330 neo.

This will be an interesting division between Airbus and Boeing at London Heathrow!

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Or maybe a new way to go to LAX

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True. it would be a nice flight.

Are you serious? Do you really think that MAX was the response to A330 NEO?

No A330neo is response to 787 of Boeing
A320neo is a response to 737 max

Just saying

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Yes! Virgin Atlantic regularly services the Caribbean with their A330-200/300 fleet, so I might be able to see this :)

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Yeah maybe that!

Nah mate MAX was a response to the A320neo family (or mayby other way around) not 330neo. Max and 330neo serve different parts of the market.

No your right, NEO came before max. A new clean sheet was planned by boeing before the NEO came out… American Order 100+ NEO and announced they expected a new 737 that they would order also.

Back on topic, I think the A330neo makes sense for Virgin, given they already fly the A330 Family, it keeps costs down for them with the fuel savings


Yeah! They already have 330 the neo is more efficient and that mean more flights and long haul,also maybe new routes!

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