Virgin Atlantic A330Neo G-VJAZ At LHR

Was Incredible To See The Delivery Flight Of This Incredible Aircraft & Livery ✈️


Amazing shots!

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What a beauty

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Looks awesome!

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Wow such beautiful pictures this livery was confirmed so I can’t wait to fly it

Awesome photos. I was thinking Virgin Atlantic went for bankruptcy during the pandemic, they ceased operations of Virgin Australia and there were rumors for Virgin Atlantic as well. Personally, I was sad when I heard that they had financial problems. Nice to see that they ordered a new bird it means they fixed their financial situation.

What a beauty i cannot wait for this livery to come into infinite flight!:D

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Not only is this one of my favorite non-American liveries. It also is a tribute to jazz. I’m a jazz saxophonist, and the registration of this aircraft is.G-VJAZ in the name is of famous jazz singer Billie Holiday

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I rarely, but at times like to donwload these pictures, pop them into Lightroom and see what I can make of them and here’s the result of this one:

Let me know what you think and feel free to ask anything!

All the best,


So cool! I love Virgin Atlantic!

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