Virgin Atlantic A330-300

You have my vote!

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We certainly need a virgin Atlantic with working instruments

I’m out of votes but this, honestly, would be like the only A330 livery I’d ever use, so yeah I’d love this!

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I have to say, I don’t vote for liveries (I personally think it’s pointless because the devs ultimately still hand pick), but I feel it’s imperative here because we need this.

You got my vote, hope this comes!! 🤩🤩

Is this livery retired ? Cause I really love it and I hope it’s not.

I believe it is they only now operate the 787 and A350

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Definitely voted!

@LKA yes they retired their A330-300s, but they might bring them back after the pandemic, I’m not 100% sure though so don’t quote me. They also have orders for the beautiful A330-900neo so that will be great!

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I hope they do such a stunning aircraft to look at