Virgin Atlantic A330-300

Bump! This is such a great livery! The metallic red is stunning! And I would love to have it in IF asap


👆🏼Double bump! Waiting for this! 👌🏼👍🏼🛫👏🏼


Who doesn’t love a good double bump! Hehehehe


Bumping! Just look at those metallic red colours! Who wouldnt want that in IF?

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So sad Infinite Flight hasn’t added this yet, maybe a Virgin A350 would replace it…


I would love to fly the LHR to Miami route! Stunning colours.

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this is my favourite plane and airline, Id love to have this in my life, would almost be the only thing I’d fly XD

I think when the A350 rework finally comes, we’ll get this.

I love virgin and I’ve flew on all their aircraft. (apart from the a350-1000) its hard to belive that we only have the virgin livery on the 787-9. We definitely need the virgin livery on the 747-400 since virgin are one of the last to still be using it. And then the a330-300 looks rlly good in the virgin livery as well! This is a must have livery in IF for me!

So you have my vote!

Great livery!!! Definitely should be added!!!

Over a year later, and still nothing. I would love to see this livery added, as it’s one of Virgin Atlantic’s most popular aircraft.

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I really hope for his gets added but it’ll probably be a few years

If the A330 is chosen for the rework I really would love to see this plane, and hopefully a -200 too

Lovely livery. Hope to see it in the future

In my opinion this is a stunning liverly personally I want this in the a330 rework since it brings back memories from the flight I had from Manchester to Orlando

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Hope this livery will come whenever the a330 rework happens

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I hope it doesn’t get left out

We really need this livery in IF. It’s truly a beauty.


Let’s get this in the game too!

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Voted! Definitely needed on the upcoming rework.

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