Virgin Atlantic A330-300


About Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is a British Airline. Their base of operations is London Heathrow. Other hubs include: London Gatwick, and Manchester Airport. It serves 33 destinations and has a fleet of 48 aircraft.

Why this Livery

The reason why I want to have this livery is because we don’t have much liveries for Virgin Atlantic, as we are missing the 744 and the A330. We can have this livery included when the A330 gets it overhaul update.

Thanks for reading and drop a vote! :)


Criticism is welcomed, tell me why aswell
Willing to add something if it is necessary

New livery (Virgin Atlantic)

Probably something we’ll get alongside the A330 rework, but a nice topic nonetheless. :)


Thanks! I agree with you, this isn’t a priority but can come when the A330 update comes!


Other one was closed 4 hours ago, I can see you added details and a photo. Another one doesn’t not have these.


I made sure this time I don’t get this closed because there was another one.


I would love to see this livery. Nice work!


What a beauty! You would have my vote if i had any left.

Casually bumping this, this livery is something I really want.


Hope to see this soon! 👌🏼


I really how the red looks on this plane!


Got this photo of G-VSXY last summer at JFK. Thanks, @GaplessHiding! I’d love to see this in the sim!


Great on flights to Miami 😎


Would luv to see this added in the near future


This would be awesome to have in the little A330 touch up that the devs are doing! Like its such a beautiful livery!!! Suites the A330 so well in my opinion.


Would love to see some more liveries for Virgin Atlantic!! Especially for our VA!! Awesome airline! Nice topic 😁


I just adore the colour scheme!


Let’s just hope they add this in the next update! The upgraded A330 deserves to look this beautiful!


Still hoping to see this one added in 19.2 maybe…


Waiting for this beauty! 👌🏼


I agree, it has to be my favourite A330 livery. The metallic red engines make it so aesthetically pleasing 😍