Virgin Atlantic A330-300 quick flight (EGCC-EGLL)

VA A330-300 parked at the gate ready for pushback

Taxiing to runway 23R with the I love MCR sign and the infinite flight logo

Sunrise Departure to London Heathrow


Cruising over Birmingham

Decent into London Heathrow

On final landing at runway 27L

Reverse thrusters on!

Heathrow tower with the virgin A330

Parked at T3 with the other planes

Thanks for viewing!

Flight time: 54 mins
Server: Training
Aircraft: A330-300
Sorry This post was a bit rushed terribly sorry for the mistakes


That’s terminal 3 not 5

Nice! How come you was flying with Flap 1?


Helps with Fuel Burn 🔥

Shouldn’t he/she put the correct fuel then ?