Virgin Atlantic 787 Review

Hey guys…Has anyone travelled on the Virgin Atlantic 787-9 yet. I’ll be travelling on it from LHR-HKG and would love to know in advance if it’s any good. I’ll be travelling in economy :)


Have an excellent flight! I’m looking forward to reading any reviews.


better then most american airlines

I heard theres wifi so thats a plus haha

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Yes, I flew with them from LHR-SFO in August. Brilliant experience. Aircraft was clean and modern, brilliant entertainment system and cabin crew was pleasant and helpful.

I flew with ‘Olivia Rae’ and ‘Birthday Girl’. Make sure to catch the names when you fly ;)


Every flight is different, idk how people can compare them

True, I think some amenities and services remain consistent from ticket class to class.

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airplane will be the same…

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cheers:) I’ll look out for them ;)

Sounds great, looking forward to fly with Virgin Atlantic.

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For example I have flown the B787 with Qatar and I know it’s crap, so I can tell people the IFE is awful and prepare to be bored out of your mind. Sorry to hurt your feelings it being a Boeing and all 😂


But that doesn’t mean that everyones flight will be the same

No but the IFE for example would be bad on all aircraft after all it’s Android based and so it’s a problem with the systems on all aircraft not just the particular plane I flew on, if you know the food is good then you can also review that as it will be similar and you can comment on the cleanliness and layout of the cabin along with the room available when seated

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