Virgin Atlantic 787-9 Upper Class Review!

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class 787-9 Dreamliner (Miami-London-Tel Aviv)

Ladies and gentlemen, as always, welcome back to another review! Today, I will be flying Virgin Atlantic in their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft all the way from Miami over to tell Aviv with a stop in London. Although it is possible to do this flight nonstop, which you can check out my review of here. We decided to take a stop this time. Anyway, starting off my trip now, we are in the Delta lounge here in Miami. All upper class passengers unfortunately I have access to it. It was a little bit small, but the food selection was great!

As I make my way from the H concourse to the J concourse, where our dream liner will be leaving from today. Please, let me introduce you to our aircraft. It is a Boeing 787–9 Dreamliner.On the flight from London to Tel Aviv, we were on an Airbus A330. Here are the flight numbers, and the registration.

  • Virgin Atlantic Airways 6: G-VZIG
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways 453: G-VNYC

Also, the cabin on board Virgin Atlantic is 11 rows in a 1-1-1 configuration. Now, this would seem spacious, however, Virgin Atlantic has their planes much different than other airlines. They are in a herringbone configuration, meaning all feet stick out into the aisle. I highly recommend picking seats on the “A” side of the plane, Because then you’ll have your own private aisle. Anyway, today on both of my flights, my seat is 7K. Another distinct feature of Virgin Atlantic‘s cabin is their mood lighting. It is always in funky colors, such as red, purple, and pink. This shows Richard Branson‘s style, for a night club airline, which I really like.

Once we took off, I took the time to lay out the mattress pad, the blanket, and the pillow to make the flatbed. It was actually very comfortable, despite the seat being a little bit narrow. My biggest issue with the seat was the herringbone configuration, as it was a little tight, and weird that all the peoples feet were in the aisle. I also just don’t like the fact that you really can’t look out the window. He would have to turn your head 180°, so no, there will be no window shots here.

Next, came to food service. The food was served in two courses. There was the appetizer, and the entrée. Both were absolutely delicious, and I’d be happy to eat them again. Now, from the picture I cannot tell what they were, and I don’t remember what they were. But I do remember though, is that they were very good.

Also at the seat was an entertainment screen. It was of a decent size, and was adjustable. There was also a nice remote that controls it. It was lagging a little bit sometimes, but I found it to be very nice.

After I arrived at London, I went over to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. I could easily read this as one of the best lounges in the entire world. It was two floors of pure luxury, and it even had a spa. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to use the spot today, but one day, I will be back… Better than ever. The food lounge is also very good and the window views were absolutely incredible. This is one thing that sets fortunately take apart from their competitors like British Airways. Wish I was a very nice lounge here, but nothing that compares to this.

When I got on my A330 towards Tel Aviv, I decided to take a look at the Wi-Fi on board. It was for a reasonable price, and it worked very well.

The crew on board both of my flights were absolutely incredible, and this was the highlight of my flight. The onboard bar. Usually, you’d find these on Airbus A380‘s, but nope, you’ll find this on a 787! Unfortunately, I’m not old enough to drink, but… It’s a nice feature to have.

So, what did I think that fortunately is it? Well, there’s positives and negatives. First, the negatives. There’s only really one big one that I could find here, and that’s the seat. It was very comfortable, but the fact that you have to turn around 180° get to the window, the problem with the feet in the aisle, and the narrowness, just are not good enough. Luckily, on their new aircraft they are putting a brand new much better business class product on. Hopefully, they’ll retrofit some of the older aircraft with that interior, but they have no plans to do so as of now. Hopefully, I will get to try them if they start flying those aircraft to Miami. Now, you may notice that Virgin Atlantic still is a very small airline, and they are in the process of expanding. Tel Aviv is one of their newest destinations, and they’ll be continuing to expand once the pandemic is over. Although they have declared bankruptcy right now, I think they’re in the right spot to get out of it once the coronavirus has calmed down. Now, onto the pros. Their service was incredible, the food was great, the amenities on board were great, the lounge was great, and the flights were all on time. Those are some big benefits. If you want to get the best experience at a virgin Atlantic, I recommend flying out of New York Kennedy, where you have the best chance to get on one of the brand new A350. For the older 787s though, I’ll definitely fly them again. The seat was a little rough, but the service and the food on board really does make up for it. What did you think about version Atlantic? Make sure to vote in my poll below to tell me what airline i should review next!

What airline should I review next? Please note, that on the ones that say no pictures, I have flown all of those flights, I just flew them before I started making official trip reports. Although, I still do have full recollection of those flights. On some of them, I do have some wingview photos.

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  • Alaska 737-800 First Class
  • JetBlue A320 Phase 2 (Different Flight Than My Last One)
  • JetBlue Mint Double Seats
  • Spirit Airlines Economy (No Pictures)
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Nice. I would definitely pick the A350 Upper Class over the 787/A330 Upper Class though.

This trip report made me hungry 😂

I’m so hungry.

Great trip report! I’ve always wanted to fly on a first class of some sort.

Of course! I am excited to try that one day!

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Haha, I hope it’s dinner time near you, it is for me!

Pretty good

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed.

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Fly to Tel Aviv on any airline but El Al again, and you’re fired. 😜


OK, my next review is officially Tel Aviv to Miami on EL AL! @elal-virtual @Z-Tube


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Don’t worry, we’re just kidding!


Yeah, I know, But I really do still have an El Al review just sitting in the archives… @elal-virtual

I have pictures from my flight back home… @elal-virtual

Nice nice!

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That looked like a amazing flight!

Nice Trip report!

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

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The Purple lighting Looks awesome

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Love the Virgin A350. Every class is good on that aircraft!

Ikr, Way cooler once you step on board!

One day, I wish to fly that one.

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The Lounge Too