Virgin Atlantic 747-400

the Virgin 747 is such a beauty, and flys to many airports in IF! Ones such as LAX,SFO,LHR,LGW,SDY,DEN. And that’s just a few!
It’s been a round for a long time and it will make us British lot and others very happy, a very nice livery to fly aswell. :)


Agreed. It will be amazing to see a VS 744!


I agree! It would certainly be good!


i totally love anything Virgin…too bad no B744 Virgin…oh well


Bumping because this livery needs to be added.


I’d love to see this added because they have a nice fleet of 747’s and they only have one (poor) aircraft in the app at the moment (until it’s updated)

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This is needed.

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A real beauty <3

One aircraft, 2 liveries ;)

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They have the A340 as well as the B787.

2 aircraft 3 liveries.strong text

They are retiring it this year BTW

Wooops my bad @Captain_DJ @Josh_Mcmunn

I agree, would be pretty awesome ay !

i would like this livery and hope they add this livery to the a380 when VA is getting it in 2018

Realllyyyy hoping this will come! It will add a whole new experience to the London/lax/JFK region

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really nice livery I have a photo! of ~ hot lips ~

We need this! It’d look beautiful and would be fun for spotting!

Which one though? I have preference for the top one. Thoughts?