Virgin Atlantic: 25,000NM in 3 days with the Dreamliner

One continuous session for three days in the B787-9 for Virgin Atlantic.
Total distance: 25,761NM
Total flight time: 51,5h
Server: Expert server

New York to London (Virgin 10)

London to Los Angeles (Virgin 141)

Los Angeles to London (Virgin 142)

London to Nassau (Virgin 107)

Nassau to London (Virgin 108)

London to Seattle (Virgin 105)

Taxiing in for some well deserved rest at Seattle Tacoma Intl.


WOW really nice pics! How was the landings?


Nice pictures and a very interesting journey, but there is quite a few of them. The guidelines for the #screenshots-and-videos section only allow 10, you might want to delete a couple!


How did you not crash?!

My device can’t hold one long haul. I can’t imagine doing multiple. Without a break.


The guy spent 3 days flying let him be


Im more saying that because I want it to stay up since he spent so long, would be a shame for it to be taken down because it broke a photo limit


@ RAH also spent a lot of time Creating the #screenshots-and-videos Category rules and they are being broken here. They exist for a reason and apply to anyone no matter what they have done or who they are. And as BP-Aviation said it would be a Shame for this post to be taken down.

@Jonas_Sundt-Bjordal Impressive job, you have way more dedication than I will ever.

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Well let’s have an official member lock this room…

Holy pictures! Looks like some review of the #screenshots-and-videos category needs to be done next time