Virgin America Virtual Recruitment Event @ KSFO - 032100ZFEB18 [Arrived]

Server: In order for more people to attend our first event, we will be hosting this event on the training server.

Region: What’s that?

Airport: KSFO

Time: 2100Z (1 PM PT, 4PM EST, 3PM CT)

NOTAM: Please follow all instructions!


Hey IFC! On Saturday, February 3, Virgin America Virtual is hosting what? No, it is not a trip to Disneyland…no, it is not a trip on a A350…it is a recruitment event! Yup, you are hearing correct! Our first ever event will consist of one of our favorite routes! So, what is that? Take a look:

Route: KSFO - KJFK
Info you will need: FL360, M.78, Climb rate = 2000 FPM, Descent rate = -1500 - 2,000 FPM



Gate 40: @Delta_Alpha_Lima
Gate 41: @Goran12
Gate 42: @Fly207
Gate 43: @AllegiantAir
Gate 44: @Ian_Yam
Gate 45: @Dillion_Talks
Gate 46: @Patria
Gate 47: @John_Ryan
Gate 48: @Helmi_Anugrah


Gate 50:
Gate 51:
Gate 52:
Gate 53:
Gate 54:
Gate 55:
Gate 56:
Gate 57:
Gate 58:
Gate 59:


Gate 60: @Connor_Seymour
Gate 61:
Gate 62:
Gate 63:
Gate 64:
Gate 65:
Gate 66:
Gate 67:
Gate 68:
Gate 69:
Gate 70:

We encourage everybody to attend! All are welcome! The larger the turnout, the better! Once you have an assigned gate, you will be invited into the event PM and will receive a boarding pass courtesy of Virgin America Virtual.



Can you hold a gate for me, I think I can come, small chance

Hey Connor!

What gate do you wish to have?

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T3, G60 for me please

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Can I have a gate please?

Hey Goran!

Of course! Everyone is welcome! What gate do you want?


Can I have gate 41 T1

Gate 41 T1 it is! See you at the event! Expect an invite to the PM and a boarding pass soon. :)

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If i participate in this event,do i then have to join the VA?

Can I get a gate please?

Also is their a link to apply?

Are you sure this is at 1300z? That would mean that its at 8am EST not 4pm.

@Dillion_Talks @SlimeFlyer Glad you want to attend! What gates would you guys like to reserve? @SlimeFlyer This Event is to gain pilots, but you aren’t required to join.

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Ok cool, i’ll have gate 42

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Roger that. I’ll invite you into the PM and you will receive a boarding pass. 🙂

What’s the date for this event?

February 3rd @1300Z :)

Roger, I’ll be there

Awesome! What gate would you like @Fly207

It doesn’t matter what gate