Virgin America Virtual - Fly with the Best - Operations Suspended

As of now we our thinking of staying independent.

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Stay independent 4ever:)

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Make sure to sign up so that we do!!:)


Attention all! Our new event is currently out! If you would like to join, please make your way over to the topic above, and request a gate and Redwood callsign!

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Virgin America Virtual ATC Division is ready for takeoff!

Pun intended.

About Us

After less than 24 hours of work, we are ready to accept our first Controllers. The EOI form is now an application form, so we are offically open! And that's not all, we also have our very own website! Go to to have a look.

What we do

At VXVATC we believe that everyone should be able to be part of a VA/VO. Including those who don't have Pro. With VXVATC, you can control any airborne VXV Aircraft, not only that, but our team help control VXV's events. Yep. So come on down to our website at or if you don't need to know any more, you can go head and apply at .

Happy Flying!

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Event Still Up

Our California Costal Event is still up. If you would like to apply for tomorrow’s event please click the link.

Great event today. Got some great pictures


We are still Active!

Just to make this clear, Virgin America Virtual is still active! We are waiting on IFVARB approval on a rebrand but more on that soon. ;)
To join, please follow the link in the main post of this thread.

We still due have pilot and staff applications open to everyone

New Staff

Welcome @Captain_Millz to the staff team as Fleet Manager
We also have some cool new updates coming soon so now is the time to join the pilot team
Join Here

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Staff Postion Open

We will now we needing a flight manager to help us around. If you would like to apply please PM me.

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ATC Division Event!

Our ATC Division, VXVATC, just posted it’s first event! Reserve your spot now!

Staff Announcement

We would like to welcome @KaiM back as Head of ATC and Design Manager.
We still have pilot applications open apply above. Also join our most recent event.
Thank you

Operations Suspended

Due to decisions made in the past few days, Virgin America Virtual is sad to announce that we will be suspending all operation until further notice.

What Does This Mean?
This simply means that nobody will approve any PIREPS.

Why We’re Doing It
It’s sad for us too, but if and when we get approved for the rebrand to Virgin Virtual Group, we need to have everything ready so we can hit the ground running. If we don’t get IFVARB approved, (unlikely but possible), then we can get strait back into operations and hopefully get more pilots, which is yet another reason why this has had to happen: Lack of Pilots.

Please enjoy the break and we will try to update you all every week, where possible.


Weekly Update

As promised, here is your weekly update of what's going on behind the scenes of VXVA.

First of all, we should know tomorrow, yes, tomorrow, whether we got in with one of the IFVARB’s groups. Also, our team has been working around the clock with a new look and feel website, and even a suprise subsidiary.

That’s all for this week, but we may post another update tomorrow with whether we got in with an IFVARB group.

Happy Flying!

Staffing Change

Well this isn’t the update you were hoping for, but it is important. It is with great regret that I inform you all that our COO @AllegiantAir has resigned. His position will be under review by the staff about whether this will be an internal promotion or if we are going to open it up to the community.

Could a regular or @Trevor_A please remove his name from the main post. Thanks.

Staffing Update

It is a pleasure to announce that I, @Velocity23 will be taking over as COO. This means that I will have to step down as Design Manager and Head of ATC. I will be dealing replacements for both of these positions, so please PM me if you are interested.

Could a regular or @Trevor_A please add recruiting staff to the title, add me as COO and remove me as DM and HATC. Thanks.

✔ This post is VXVA approved.

Weekly Update

So, as another week rolls round it’s time for another update. Here it is:

We’re not approved… Yet
So I think many people don’t understand the process of getting IFVARB approved. After you submit all the required documents, you go on a waiting list to get in with a group of people who help you improve and certify your VA. In our case, we missed out, and are still on the waiting list. The next selection day is July 25 and our staff have been working off the hook to improve our application.

Staffing Change
By majority vote from the staff, I, @Velocity23 am now COO with the leave of @AllegiantAir.

Staff Positions Available
Due to me being promoted to COO, the Head of ATC and Design Manager positions are now available. Please PM me with your application if you are interested.

See you next week!

Weekly Update

It’s Saturday again, meaning it’s time for another weekly update.

I have begun work on a Bot for our ATC Division Discord Server that will hopefully help us to get more pilots there and here.

10 Days to Go!
Just 10 days until we find out if we got in with an IFVARB member group. If we don’t, I am planning to resume operations.

See you Next Week!