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26 Meet Virgin America Virtual

Opening in January of 2018, Virgin America Virtual has been proud to serve our main hub San Francisco as well as most all of the U.S and some in Mexico. We’re committed to not only providing quality products for our pilots but also amazing flying abilities of all of our pilots, but going above and beyond to ensure our customers and pilots are completely satisfied. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer. anywhere on the page.

26 The Virgin America Promise

Our promise is something very special at our VA. We promise all of out pilots a friendly and special place to work. Our staff and other pilots our very active and ready to help at all times. We are an American Tradition Virtual Airline and thats why all of our planes have an American flag on it. So we hope ypu enjoy our VA because we care about our pilots and customers because we but there ideas first.

26 Our Amenties

Here at Virgin America we have some new updates and cool amenties for our pilots. Our Website is a new website with everything someone wanting to join or someone in the VA will need as an IF pilot. We offer a new crew center as well as an active slack. The crew center is for pilots only so signing up today gives you access to the super cool amentie of being one of our pilots.

26 Operations

Our operations are huge at Virgin America Virtual as we offer over 100s of routes that span over Mexico, Mainland U.S, and Hawaii.
We also offer charters for our pilots which are for the sports and executives that we have partnerships with. We carry in the same routes we do just maybe from one destination to another. Our route map gives us over 100s of flights to fly in the VA.

26 Our Amazing Staff

CEO- @Trevor_Austin
COO- @AllegiantAir
Chief Pilot- @Knellered
Events/Admin: @MathAviation7
Head of ATC/DM: @KaiM

If you think a staff postion would fit into our VA and your a good fit for that role please me PM @Trevor_Austin We our open to staff that would like to apply and will happily have you come into our team if we think you fit.

26 Join Our VXVATC Team

VXVATC is the Air Traffic Control arm of Virgin America Virtual. They provide ATC for our day-to-day flights (where available) as well as full flight ATC for VXV’s events. To learn more about us, and to join, visit our website at .

26 Apply Now!

Apply now to be part of this awesome VA as we grow and become great. We want to Thank You for taking time to look at our thread if you have any questions please PM any staff member or email us at
Clink this link to apply now!!
Apply Now!



After taking the CEO postion over I have been working hard these past 2 days to bring a new website and thread too the community. I do hope you enjoy it. Thank You!!


Looks nice! Good luck as CEO.


Thank You!! We our repharsing the VA and it’s going well


All the best Trevor! Looks fantastic so far.


Event coming soon!!

Stay Tuned as we have a new exciting event coming soon
Also vote below what we should do for the event.


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Next Event looks like it will be a nice short haul done by many airlines KSFO to KLAX. The event will be posted soon. Thank You!!


As former CEO of VXV, I am stunned with the dedication and proffesional leadership from Trevor. I am also thankful for the tremendous assistance of Allegiant & Knellerd. I am ecstatic to see where this VA will go.

It would mean a ton if anyone interested in the VA would apply. Our growth counts, and without new applicants we cannot grow.

Cruise through the mood-lit skies!


We are taking both pilot and staff applications!


Looks great @Trevor_A, @Knellered, and @AllegiantAir!! Best of luck to you!!


New Staff Announcement

We would like to welcome @N1DG to our awesome staff team. He is a great character in the community and is really looking forward to working with us. Please welcome him to the team we cant wait for us to start moving this VA again. To be apart of this amazing VA sign up to be a pilot here
See you in the skies!!
Trevor Virgin America CEO


Pilot Applications still up we have a new website and crew center that we believe is some of the top notch stuff in the VA community.

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Hello All!
I am happy to be the Design Manager/Technician (same position) for Virgin America Virtual. To the guys at EKVA, I am still working for you too. Anyway, I have something completely new to announce.
I am happy to share with the community, a new subsidary of Virgin America Virtual, The Virgin America Virtual ATC Division (VXVATC).
^ VXVATC Logo ^

The best part about this, is that you don’t need a Pro Subscription to join! That’s right, all our ATC is voice, through Discord. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a replacement for using ATC during your flight, including on the Casual Server, if there is ANY ATC at all, users will be advised and VXVATC will not be used!

So the question that everyone wants to know is ‘When will this start?’
Well, we hope to get it up and running soon, but it is still a work in progress in terms of Discord setup etc. We are currently only accepting expressions of interest. You must be a pilot at VXVA to join VXVATC. If that’s ok, click HERE. If not, watch this space!

There is a newer version of this post. Scroll down to see it.

Happy Flying!


Yes everyone with the addition to the VXVATC we are in full swing with recruiting. Our website just got a full reboot and our first partnerships and event is coming soon. Please join this awesome VA as we keep expanding everyday.Apply Here
Thank you
Trevor VXV CEO

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Er…KHNL??? Never heard of it. Did u mean to put PHNL (ie Honolulu Int’l)???

Not critisizing you, just wondering…

So Virgin America still operational in IF world:)

Yep!! Happy to be doing it too

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Are you thinking of merging in the next few month or years?

As of now we our thinking of staying independent.

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Stay independent 4ever:)

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