Virgin America VA Presents// California Coastal Cruise @ KSFO - 021600ZJUN18

Hello Community,

Hello everyone I would like to welcome you to Virgin America’s first event under a new CEO. Today we will travel on what is one of the most flown routes in the world KSFO to KLAX. This route will take us from SFO over the SF bay and Oakland then down Hollister before hitting Fresno. On approach we will fly over the Sequoia National Forest before final into the LA coast line. We hope you can join us for this awesome event.

Server: Training Server

Aircraft: A320 (Virgin America livery)

Airport: KSFO (San Francisco)

June 2, 2018 4:00 PM 1600Z


  • Please spawn in 10 mins before depature

  • Please use Redwood Callsign ams A320 as aircraft

  • Follow all ATC instructions

  • Please obey instructions given by Virgin America staff

Flight Plan:
Can be copied off of @Trevor_Austin (Redwood 1)

Flight Details

Flight Time: 1hr 20mins
Distance: 323NM
Fuel Needed: 4101 LBS
Depature Runway: 1L or 1R subject to change
Arrival Runway: 24L or 24R subject to change
Climb Details:
Climb to FL100 V/S 2000 Speed: 220knots
Climb to FL220 V/S 2200 Speed: 330knots
Climb to FL320 V/S 2200 Speed: Mach.86
Descent 40mins out
Descend to FL220 V/S -1000 Speed:330knot
Descend to FL120 V/S -1100 Speed:320knot
Descend to FL80 V/S -1100 Speed: 220knot
Rest of descent is at your discretion

Gate Assignments/ATC


Gate D50: @Trevor_Austin (Redwood 1)
Gate D51A: @John_Ryan
Gate D51B: @Cjthew91
Gate D52: @MathAviation7
Gate D53: @AllegiantAir
Gate D54A: @ADDY28
Gate D54B: @Raiyan_Jones
Gate D55: @Knellered
Gate D56A
Gate D56B
More gates will be added if needed
Use any Callsign that starts with Redwood
KSFO Tower/Ground:

KLAX Tower/Ground: @lucaviness
KLAX Approach:

Join the VA Today

Virgin America VA is an awesome VA to be at as we offer an amazing experience with everything we offer. From our amazing staff to new website we our sure to not disappoint. Our crew center is state of the art while our new slack is clean looking. We have 24/7 support to help you as we have staff up at all hours. We encourage you to join this awesome movement.

IFC Thread



I would love to support your event. Can I have a gate please

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Yep signing you up now

Can I have a gate please

Yes you can! Thanks for signing up!

Can I join? Nice event

Count me in! Sounds fun!

You both have gates!! @MathAviation7 and @lucaviness

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Actually, could I instead be ATC? Preferably KLAX Tower/Ground @Trevor_A. thanks

I’ll take gate D54A please! Callsign Redwood 5

Yea you signed up. @lucaviness I will change you. Have fun at TS1😂


I would like to attend

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Unfortunately I am unable to attend or control this event but I hope that everyone who does attend has a great time


You have been signed up

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. Can I join can I join thank u

Yes you can! Thanks for joining

@Trevor_A I believe the 1700Z remark in the title is different to the time in the actual post. Technically, the time in the actual post is 0200Z. Which one is correct?

No its 1600Z correct. Its 9am in San Fransico

Wait, 1600Z or 1700Z?

1600Z that’s was it my bad

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