Virgin America VA Heads “Down to Dallas” @ KLGA - 170200ZFEB18


This is an official event for Virgin America Virtual Airlines

Server: Expert

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Airport: KLGA

Time: 0200Z


Information: Welcome to Virgin America’s Second Event. This time we will be flying down to Dallas, Texas. Once we arrive at KDAL, we will park on the tarmac, and take a group photo with each other.

- We will be Cruising at 34,000 Ft, and we will be Cruising at the speed of Mach 0.79

The Flight Time should be around 2 hours.

Since there is only one gate at KDAL, there will be no assigned parking at Dallas Love-Field.

If you are apart of VAVA (Virgin America Virtual) please use your VA call sign. If you are not apart of the VA, please use a “Redwood” callsign


Gate Information


Virgin America Pilot Gates

If you are apart of VAVA, or want to be apart of the VA, you will be added to this section of gates. If you want to join the VA, please PM me or @Delta_Alpha_Lima for more info, or click on the links below.

Gate D01: @AllegiantAir
Gate D02: @Daniel_Olivas
Gate D03: @Delta_Alpha_Lima [CEO]
Gate D04: @Capt.Zach
Gate D05:
Gate D06:
Gate D07:

If we need more gates, I will add them.

Guest Gates

This is where the “guests” for the event will park, or the members that do not want to join the VA, but want to come, will park.

Gate C01: @Cbro4
Gate C03: @
Gate C04: @
Gate C05:
Gate C06:
Gate C07:


Flight Plan
I will release the FPL the day of the event, until then, there will be no assigned FPL, once I do make one, please Copy it at the airport.


Want to Join Virgin America Virtual?

Great! If you want to join our VA, please use the links below to help you become a pilot for VAVA! We would love to have you!

Official Thread

Hope you come to this event! I have created a voting system below to see how well our event format is.

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Wish I could join as LGA is my home airport an VX was one of my favorite airlines but I will be on vacation so sadly I can’t attend have fun though!


That is ok! Have fun on your Vacation!



Hey there! While your munching on your pizza by the slice, Virgin America Virtual wants to let you know all passengers will receive a complimentary boarding pass if they attend the event.


Unfortunately I can’t make the event since
I will go on vacation. I also recommend changing the event to Training Server. This way, more people can attend.

We probably won’t, as we want professionalism at our events, and you us usually don’t get that on Training Server

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This cracks me up. XD

Being Serious now:
How long is the expected flight time?

@BigBert10 Glad you liked the little joke there ;)

Flight time should be around 3 and a half hours-4 hours.

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Hmm, Feb 17 at 0200Z is Feb 16 at 6:00 PM my time (PST). IRL on Feb 17 my time, I will be flying to KPDX. I may not have time for this flight then. My flight is in the morning, so I have to sleep early. Have fun though! :)

No worries! We appreciate your interest in the event. If you happen to have time to join us, you are welcome to join.

-VAVA Staff

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Can’t attend :(, but I thought I would prevent 20 aircraft disasters by reminding NOT to use runway 04.


Class A comedy right there. I see if I can make it.


@Reedgreat We can assure you runway 4 will not be used. ;)


I will put you down under the guest gates, Is that ok?

Ok. No guarantee I can make it. I have it as Friday at 9:00pm EST.

Ok, I will put you down. @Delta_Alpha_Lima will give you your boarding pass shortly. ;)

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I think I can make it what time EST is this? I land at EWR at around 4:30

2:00 Zulu time is 9am EST

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ooh I dont think I can make it than :(

Hey sign me up give me a gate

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