Virgin America Safety Video

Just wanted to see if many people have seen this safety video I practically know all the words to it.


Damn that’s awesome. I love it

This is why I love America haha :)


Wow this is a cool safety video !

Because of a safety video, you love America. :3(


This should be why you love the airline not America haha not all airlines in America have this kind of safet video although Delta has a pretty funny one the most internet safety video

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I listened to this for 3 hours so catchy

Yes it is, it’s good as people actually listen to the safety video now

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WOW! That is a really high-end production! Very well done and fun to watch!

Virgin is a British Brand :p easy mistake

But this video is from its American Subsidiary. :P

No it’s not as the companies aren’t affiliated with each other in any way the airline is American the brand originated in the UK

Virgin is still 25% British In terms of Richard Branson owning it. And I believe even if it wasn’t then they would still have to pay huge royalty fees just to use the name Virgin :p

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I can’t watch it yet. Is it based off the song Safety Dance?

I don’t know what safety dance is but it’s a original safety video that Virgin America created

It’s an 80’s song, look it up. :)

I just listened to it no it’s nothing like that haha

Very creative safety video…iLuv Virgin America🇺🇸❤️

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It’s a shame Alaska airlines has bought it as it means they may get rid of Virgin America


Wow the safety videos in the U.S. are so much more entertaining than the ones we get in Germany!


Your right @Aviationluver the LH one is so boring. Air Berlin isn’t any better. DLs safety vids are the best.


Austrian Airlines’ safety video is also quite boring.

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