Virgin America | JFK-SFO | Airbus A320 | With parallel approach

Hey IFC!
After landing in New York from @Will_A’s LHR flyout event, I decided to explore the country some. I hoped down from an A340 to an A320 and flew form New York to San Fransisco, and man oh man did I have a blast. Alright here are the details.
Server: Expert

Callsign: VGVACCO
The photos are ready for eyeballs! Hooray!
Rotation from 22R

Flying past the city

Skip ahead, approaching the Rocky Mountains near Denver

Passing over the beautiful continental divide

Flying near the Grand Canyon

Met up with another fellow VGVA pilot (@CaptainBaez) flying in from Denver to make a sick parallel approach

3 miles out


I hope y’all enjoyed!


Yeah, I did :)

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Great looking pictures and it was an awesome experience on the parallel landing 😁

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That first picture!
Wonderful pics!

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