Virgin America Comprehensive Review

As we may all have heard of, Virgin American has merged with Alaska Air Group. They will get rid of the Virgin America brand sometime around 2019. I am making this as a tribute to Virgin America :)

And this is kinda like a series I am making where I review different airlines I have flew. My goal share my personal experience with others on this forum and hopefully give them an insight in different airlines so when they ever need to buy a flight, they can use different reviews including mine as a guide Hope you enjoy :)

Previous Review: Frontier Airlines

I have flew Virgin America round trip from Denver (KDEN) to San Francisco (KSFO) during the Holiday Season. This below is what I have experienced on their flight and is based on my personal experience, Enjoy:

Comment below you thoughts and if you are sad to see Virgin America go ------------------->
-Friendly Staff
-New and efficient aircraft (love the a320!)
-Decent leg room (more than other airlines)
-Nice interior with mood lighting
-Clean cabin
-Best Safety Video
-Free complementary drinks
-IFE (with some free movies and tv shows)
-Order at seat service
-Free WiFi (Not that fast though :()

-A little dark in the cabin with the mood lighting (it is hard if you want to read something during a night flight)
-Not the cheapest (although we got our ticket at a low price)
-Not very many negatives about this airline :)

Check in and Boarding:
Checking in was easy as cake. There are kiosk for passengers who already have their boarding pass or passengers who don’t need to check in. There is music playing in the lobby which makes the experience greater.

Boarding was as easy as check in. The airline doesn’t split boarding groups into many. They only have like 3. Unlike United or Frontier, they have like 5. I was seated at the second to last row in which I was group 1. Boarding process was fast too, the friendly staff made travelling easier :)

In Flight Services:
Just like any airline, they give you free drinks of your choice (not snacks though). If you are feeling hungry or thirsty in the middle of the flight, you don’t have to get out of your seat to ask for something, you can order it at your seat :) There are also a couple of free movies and TV shows you can watch (big bang theory, etc) There was free WiFi but it wasn’t that fast. I could send like 3 snapchats until the WiFi just crashed ;)

Rating: 10/10
From personal experience I would rate Virgin America at a 10/10. I personally didn’t experience any bad things from this airline so I give it a 10/10. I enjoyed every aspects of that flight. The crew were friendly and it seemed like the airline really cares about their customers. I didn’t experience any delays and getting me from point A to point B was easy peazy.

My recommendation:
If you want to make your flying experience unforgettable, fly Virgin America. They make you feel welcome and there aren’t any flaws that I have experienced on my flight. Their tickets usually are on the pricey side though (We were lucky enough to find cheap fares). So if your the type of person to care about service more than price, this is the perfect airline fore you. Even if you want low fares, you should fly with this airline at least once before it closes in 2019 :)

Do whatever you are going to do on another flight. You don’t have to worry about loosing your checked luggage. Also bring your own food if you think you will get hungry mid flight :)

Here are some photos from my flights:

Here is the landing of one of my Virgin America Flights:

Feel free to share your experiences with Virgin America below --------------------->
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Lovely photos and nice review! I flew this same route 2 months ago and I loved the service. I found the mood lighting to be a bit annoying and I did happen to get some snacks that were pretty good (a brownie, nut mix, and a ginger ale). I look forward to seeing more reviews from you! Safe travels!


Thanks man! Appreciate it :)

And wait did you get snacks for free? lmfao

No I paid for them (well my dad did) but we were running late and didn’t have time to pick up anything in the airport.

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Must try them out before they go! Well organized and reviewed as well.


Thanks dude :0 You should definitly give them a try. Virgin America is one of those airlines you got to fly one day :)

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But but but I thought frontier was your airline…my life is a lie.
lol I really really really like your reviews. And I look forward to any reviews you have in the future on Frontier Airlines. Great work man!


Thanks alot ! I really appreciate it. Il be sure to make more in the future

Hahaha Frontier and United are still my airlines lmfao. Dont worry :)


Haha okay maybe I was just having a mini stroke! Can’t wait for more!

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I just simply love that image that you have previously taken and posted on this thread above of the specific mood lighting on one of you flights under [Virgin America] (!


Hahaha thanks! The mood lighting on Virgin America is one of their top features of their cabin :) (although it can sometimes get really dark in there though)

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Very interesting read. I am glad someone finally knows the guidelines and posts a real world experience they had on a certain airline.


Yeah we need to do better on the RWA posts. A lot of them are just spam with no actual meaning into them :)

Maybe touch up on your typos/spelling/grammar for the next one ;). Otherwise great review! I look forward to reading some more!

Haha thanks :) Yeah I should read over my writing a little more carefully. Had to type this review really fast ;)

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Yup.There’s also a program called Grammarly which you can add to Google Chrome (not sure which browser you use) which checks your phonetics as you type :)

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I will be flying Virgin in July!

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Nice! From where to where tho?

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I will put more information on the track community members flights thread.

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I will miss all of the above. Very excellent airline that I have ridden 6 times.

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