Virgin America (As Alaska) A320 First Class Trip Report! | WHY DID THEY RETIRE THIS?

Virgin America A320 First Class

Please and gentlemen, welcome to this review of Virgin Am… I mean Alaska Airlines first class from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, every flight out of Fort Lauderdale was delayed this evening because of weather in the area. Alaska has one of the best on-time record in the United States, but this flight was delayed 3 1/2 hours. Alaska airlines will give lounge access to all first class passengers, unfortunately, they do not have any lounge in Fort Lauderdale, so you’re on your own! I’m ok with that, however I’m excited to try the Alaska lounge in either Los Angeles or Seattle after the pandemic!


As we all anxiously boarded the plane, let me introduce you to our aircraft! Today, our aircraft is N365VA, formerly owned and operated by Virgin America, and handed to Alaska during the merger. The cabin is laid out in a Virgin America, and handed to Alaska during the merger.


The cabin is laid out in a 2-2 Configuration, with luxury white leather seats that have some of the best recline of any recliners in the sky. The seats have a pitch of 55 inches, which is more than you’ll find in some business class seats! And you could never miss the bright purple mood lighting as you step on for the aircraft.


When I got to my seat, I was completely blown away! The legroom was incredible, the seats were so soft, and they were very wide!

I really like the vibe of this cabin, it looks like a nightclub, and I think I could’ve thrown a party on here if I wanted to! Also, from this angle you get a really good glimpse of how large the legroom really is!


Alaska Airlines provided a blanket on the seat, and it was very thick. Personally, I think it’s one of the better first/business class blankets I’ve ever had!


On the old Virgin America first class, the seat came with a legrest. That is something that you don’t find on many airlines, especially in domestic first class. I will say that the leg rest was very comfortable, and was very nice for sleeping.


The food on Alaska was incredible, no matter what meal you’re getting, it sure to be a hit! The first picture, is my appetizer which was delicious. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of my actual main dish The food on Alaska was incredible, no matter what meal you’re getting, it sure to be a hit! The first picture, is my appetizer which was delicious. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of my actual main dish🤦‍♂️. So I used the footage from a previous Alaska flight on a 737.

image image

Of course, it being Virgin America and all, there was a personal in-flight entertainment screens in every seat on this aircraft. When Alaska took delivery of it, they implemented their own system into the screens, and reduced the number of TV shows by a lot, however, it was nice to know that they still had a little bit of inflight entertainment on their fleet. Virgin America also provided a remote at the seat.

image image

A standard on most airlines, Wi-Fi was provided for a price, the price was reasonable, but I found it to be on the higher end of Wi-Fi pricing.


As I fall asleep, I wanted to adjust my seat. The seat controls here are like a real bed seat, however it doesn’t go to a bed. Everything is able to be adjusted easily, and very everything is very flexible.


So, as we land at 1 AM in Los Angeles, what did I think of my Virgin America experience? I enjoyed it so much, it was by far the best domestic first class, Unfortunately, no one else will ever be able to fly this experience ever again, as these planes are all now retired. Can you guess what my favorite domestic BUSINESS class flight was? Also, make sure to vote below to tell me what airline I should review next!

What airline should I review next?

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Hope he feels better 😪

Btw first again 💅


I meant to say thick LOL


It would’ve been really interesting to see, rather than Alaska downgrading the planes to Alaska quality, to see Alaska upgrade their current planes, to match virgin America quality! Could you imagine that same style, but instead of red and purple mood lighting, it was green and blue?

That would have been great! I think they wanted a standard throughout the whole airline

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I wish they operated as separate airlines still. Like BA and Iberia do.

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Yes. Like AirFrance-KLM. That would have attracted a lot of VX customers

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Great review! Flew this as VA to SFO once and they were incredible!

Glad you enjoyed the review! I haven’t flown this in economy… but I’m sure it had a JetBlue feel

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You are going to be the cause of me turning off my DiscourseHub notifications. 😡

Now without the horrible jokes I add in, great report! I really don’t fly with any other airline than United, so it’s nice to get some insight on how others feel about specific airlines!

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Sorry I’m the best flight reviewer on the IFC lol 😂😂😂 @Alexander_Nikitin

joke • /jōk/ • noun • a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter

Chill my g

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Lol ya 😂😂😂😂

It’s not a joke. I’m sure someone that worked for United would be quite offended. It’s a big community. You never know if someone may feel the same, or differently. What may seem as a joke may not be for others. Hurting (beating) others is not a joke that should be joked about. Everyone is human. No human should hurt another human. I’m sorry, but this “joke” is not a joke.

If you wish to further discuss, PM.

United is the best :)

Let’s keep this IFC appropriate, I don’t want anyone’s posts getting removed. I do want to say, all the Memes and jokes that I posted here are 100% FAKE. At this point, I’d be happy to fly in a middle seat (maybe that’s a little far lol) But you get my point. I’m not trying to hurt anyone, or make anyone feel like their job is worthless.


This is another amazing trip report!

Amazing Job!

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it

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The food really does look very delicious! Cant wait for the JetBlue A321 Phase 1 review!

It’s coming, I promise!