Virgin america A321SL (NEO)


Picture not mine credits

Virgin America operates 2x a321SL

Virgin America
Virgin America Inc. is an American airline that was founded in 2004 and began operations in 2007. Headquartered in Burlingame, California in the San Francisco Bay Area, with San Francisco International Airport as its main hub, Virgin America is a brand that was created by the British Virgin Group as an American counterpart to the corporation’s other airlines.[4] The airline flies between major metropolitan cities on the Eastern and West Coast seaboards.[5] Virgin America’s frequent flyer program Elevate provides award flights and other benefits to frequent fliers
My opinion I think this looks amazing I’m a big fan of airbus sharklets.

Stunning! I’d vote but I don’t have any more left.


I feel like this could be added when FDS makes the A321 NEO… But especially that the will be no more (As of November (or something like that) so one plane in that livery is good enough, until we continue expanding out FDS Fleet

Nice aircraft though


The ‘SL’ in the aircraft type stands for ‘Sharklets’ right? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!
Btw, great livery, looks amazing!

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Piloteerfrankie That’s right!!

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Isn’t this just the a321NEO? I have never heard of a Virgin America a321SL

Virgin America doesn’t operate the a321SL but they do operate the a321NEO
Plz change the title to a321NEO. Either way This is a great feature request. @Joseph_Marcel

this is need for the a321
i love sharklets can we have this with global
soon it will be history * ugly cries *

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Just spotted an A321 in Vegas… sweet image