Virgin America A320neo

I would like to request the A320neo in the Virgin America Livery. It is unknown whether the new owners, Alaska Airlines, will keep the order or not. Deliveries are scheduled for 2020-2022.


Livery allready in game x)

I hope Alaskan keeps this order. The livery and the plane go amazingly together.

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That’s the A320 not the A320 neo

Both very similar…except the NEO is uglier… ;)

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woow thats its an stunning livery

no if u look at the engine the engine is bigger than a normal a320 engine

He’s talking about how there’s a Virgin America A320 in the game already. Not the actual feature request.

That’s like the same livery already in the game

Aren’t they bringing out a A380 neo?

Nope but a similar version of NEO called A380Plus.