Virgin America A320 First Class Video Review

Virgin America (As Alaska) A320 First Class

In this video, I am flying from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Los Angeles, California on an Alaska airlines A320. What makes it so special is that this plane still carries the old Virgin America interior, which is now gone as of 2020. Let’s take some time to watch this video and remember what this incredible product was like!


“You cant have me in the picture”


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Oh, you don’t know how awkward that was… the things I do for you guys just blows my mind

Wow someone who actually understands that airlines aren’t responsible for the weather and it’s not their fault!

I don’t like people who think that. It’s like they think their airline made it rain…

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Cough cough American

Well, United and delta can make it rain money…

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“You cant have me in the picture”
cues intro

Well everyone blames AA for delays but not United
I’ve had more delays with UA and I fly AA the most.
Or: They should’ve picked a better airport without weather. So then UA and DAL need to too 😂
Anyways cool that you got to fly on VX, I never got too ☹️😂

I didn’t even exactly know what she was saying at the time… I was so focused on the shot. I gave a dirty look at the gate agent when I replayed and reviewed the footage

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I never got the chance to fly Virgin America, or the old interior before the revamp for Alaska. But that looked like a good flight nonetheless. Can’t wait for another trip report! Keep up the work!

It was technically Alaska, but yeah, it was cool

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Thank you!

Ok well it was Virgin America interior 😂

Everyone underestimates how good of an airline Alaska is

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I flew them once form ORD-SFO when they were still VA. All I have though is one picture of me in that recliner. Lovely job!

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Ya ive always wanted to do a trip report but im always to scared hahahaha

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I love this! I flew VA and Alaska’s Ex VA A320’s not long ago! The cabin mood lighting makes the experience so much better. First class was also a treat for me too!


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