Virgin America A320 departing Tahiti

As some of you may know about six months ago I flew from Portland to Brisbane with stops in Honolulu and Papeete using an A320. It was a great shot and I figured I’d try editing it as I’ve never edited a photo before.
Server: Expert
Time: Real Time (Evening at the time of departure)

Again this was my first ever edit so feel free to rate it and I’d really appreciate some feedback.

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I commend you for using an A320, despite the huge craze for the A350. It’s really nice, but a little tip: change the time a little so that the sun chines on the plane, on the side you’re looking at.

Great shot! Terrible realism :( 😛

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Like I said I took this shot about six months ago and just edited it today. But thanks for the compliment.

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I meant posting it. 😉

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It would be cool to see more picshers.

It’s the only one from that flight. I had to reinstall IF not to long after I posted this so the replay was wiped out.