Virgin America A319

Hey everyone, so I just realized that we should have a Virgin America A319 added to IF. This would expand the Airbus A319 fleet, and IF would have the entire Virgin America fleet!

Photo credit: FRICK187

I will miss flying Virgin America…

First Comment! I like the idea! Also, fly Alaska if you liked Virgin

Was this photo at McCarren?

I plan on flying Alaska Airlines when Virgin America is gone.

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I haven’t had an awesome airline since US Airways gone… but for now, my family is flying JetBlue. At least for this next trip

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And I vote for awesome livery! IN REMEMBERANCE OF VIRGIN AMERICA

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Yes the photo was at McCarren.

Were they planning on getting rid of the A319?

Alaskan Air might lease them to American or airlines like Hawaiian or Alligient, Spirit or other smaller airlines…

Or hey… They might keep them


That is, if you subtract their A321Neos. ;)


Well Virgin America is not fully flying them yet.

Seems as a very Nice aircraft.

I will miss it too😢 It’s so a good airline and they have a nice livery!

For some reason, it always looks like the planes are on a slant at McCarren… I knew it!

So sad VX is going to leave us, really liked their design…

I love Virgin america! And their livery, sad to see them go.

Side note,
Since we have the A320, I don’t think we will get the A319. But there’s always a chance! 😂

The one on the Airbus A320 in IF has sharklets, it would be nice to see one with the usually airbus winglets.

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Yeah, also there safety video is the best!

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