Hey there,

I would like to suggest the ViperJet. Its a sports jet, flying below mach speed. It is sold in kits and the customer has
to build it itself. I love its design, since its pretty close to the BAE Hawk . Lets see if we can collect some likes :)

Have a nice day !


Thank you :)

When you say ViperJet, it reminds me of the Dodge/SRT Viper haha! But it looks pretty good.

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nah would like more civilian with global coming out

This is basically a GA aircraft. In my opinion we dont lack of civilian aircraft ( airliners ). But I understand if you mean aircraft types like Twin Otter or so.

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nice aircraft just not my type

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Yes! I fly this in x plane all the time

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We need a plane like this or the BAE Hawk in Infinite Flight. They fly differently than fighters, they look super cool, and they have cool names.


I´d say either the ViperJet, the T38 or the BAE Hawk. They are as you say pretty sweet however are grown jets.