Vios during AP descent?

Has anyone ever had this issue??

Quick synopsis… after about 45 minutes of flight time and during descent I stepped away from my phone for 5ish minutes just to come back to a message about getting kicked from the expert server and having 5 violations. I know that when I stepped away I was around 6,000 ASL and 220IAS (what AP was set to and what was actual). When I came back everything seemed relatively normal, sans the error message, and that is why I am so confused!

Any tips to avoid something like this in the future??

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During critical phases of flight it is highly recommended that you don’t leave your device. These are times that the pilot in control needs to be watching the aircraft, traffic and following ATC instruction.


Yes, which usually I watch it like a hawk. I had only stepped away for a minute. Two max.

Like I said, I just want to make sure not to do this in the future. The whole situation just seemed really strange to me.

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How fast were you descending?

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You have to be careful even with Autopilot armed. Heavier aircraft may overspeed without the use of spoilers, flaps and the correct vertical speed setting.


I wasn’t asking for the violations to be removed…

This should also be in #general, as it really isn’t an issue with the app.

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-1,200 at one point but 99% sure that I was at -600 when this happened.

Was advised to post this in support by whomever I was talking to on Twitter

At what rate where you descending, what aircraft, and what % load? I have the suspicion that the autopilot was unable to slow you down due to these factors listed.

Unfortunately, you left your device unattended and there’s nothing more we can do.

Key Things:

  • Don’t leave your device unattended during critical phases of flight (ascent, descent, takeoff and landing)

  • Be sure to leave a buffer between the red tape and your set speed.

  • Utilize the appropriate flap settings according to your speed

  • Make sure your vertical speed is reasonable (if it’s set too high the AP won’t be able to slow the aircraft down on its own).