Violently flickering scenery

Im not sure this is a common problem among other players but this is insane…

I started a solo flight at KLAX in just a random plane to find the runway numbers are just “{ y” or something like that.

I joined a little later in the same place and plane but i decided to clear scenery cache.
(I wish i could add a video but the file type is not allowed sooooo)

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I wouldn’t say this is common occurrence since I haven’t seen any reports of this issue in the past.

May I ask what device you’re using?

Samsung s22+

You could upload the video to YouTube and post the link here.

Those runway numbers look very interesting.

Does it happen regardless of graphics settings?
What steps have you tried already except clearing scenery cache?

The flickering has since resolved itself as well as the rw numbers but idk what caused it. At the time of the runway number discovery i had not played in a month so not graphics changes. I have everything updated and nothing interfering like 3rd party apps. I am trying to recreate the problem if possible

So clearing the cache solved it?

I see you have Screen Zoom set to max!
Better set it to the center position.
You’ll get the top of the UI back and also be able to get the throttle to 100%. 😉

Alright, thank you for the help guys!

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