Violent shaking in any interior view

While in any interior view with autopilot active I am getting massive shaking. As soon as I go to an extior view or deactivate AP the shaking stops.
Any known fix to this?


Could you provide an example?

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Are you using any third part apps?

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No third party apps

Hmm, is it just the camera that’s shaking?

The aircraft itself shakes. Is there a way to upload a vid?

Is there any chance it could just be turbulence? The autopilot can get a little confused sometimes and be kind of jerky.

No it is not turbulence as it only occurs in interior view while AP is engaged

Very interesting, maybe see if you can post a screen recording and let schyllberg take a look when he gets a chance. I’m not too sure.

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What aircraft is this happening in?

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F-18 only have tried about all I can think to figure it out

How fast were you going?

All speeds. That was my first thought but again ONLY happens while in interior view of cockpit

Mind sending a video?

How do I do that?

You can upload your replay to

We’ve received a very few number of reports that are similar to this.

A reply file as previously asked for would be helpful.

I also have this issue. But I have an older phone and presumed this issue is related to my comparatively lower overall frame rate.

In particular the internal view fps is about half that of the external view. So I wondered if the running calculation fidelity is reduced by low frame rates resulting in “overshoot” oscillations. (I have similar oscillations on 5x solo mode in other aircraft, also usually initiated or intensified by internal vs external view).

For me it may be time to upgrade as a solution (just guessing though).

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I also have had this issue on other the fighter jets too F-18, F-14, F-16 Same thing when I go to the cockpit view on autopilot it violently shake but a soon as I turn AP Off or switch to any other view it stops

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