Violent A/P behavior

Whenever I enable my ALT after enabling the V/S(i.e. VS+1800), the aircraft will violently point it’s nose down to around -700vs then slowly pull back up. Is this normal or will it be fixed in the future?

This is very normal, at least for me… i’m not sure if an update will be put out to make a/p movements less violent but that’s just how it is right now

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Okay, because I just departed BIKF in an ICE 752, and it was such a violent downwards movement it almost made me crash into the runway.

The 757 needs a rework, its an old aircraft
Thats probably why your getting them violent pitches

This is because your current VS is different than the one you inputted. Dont preset a VS. Just hit Your altitude and it will automatically asign your VS as what it presently its. You were probably at a VS of 3500 and when you set it to 2800 the nose show down to correct and it over corrected.



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This issue has been here for quite a while. I wouldn’t doubt it’d be fixed in the next update.
Just like @GraemePorter25 said.

That’s what I did, I just selected A/P, I didn’t manually preset a V/S.

This is not a glitch or issue he preset his VS instead of just hitting ALT which is what u r supposed send to do

You have to calibrate it before you disengage it😉

@IF_Aviation1 he engaged it. You shouldn’t have to calibrate to engage the A/P.

There are things that we could be missing here. Weight, flap configuration, aircraft etc…


Engaging the A/P so soon is a common mistake. Hand fly the aircraft to 10000 feet before letting automation take over.


This happens while engaging, not disengaging.


No, wrong again. If you actually took the time to read my reply, I stated that I hit A/P, not a preset VS.

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I set my first cruise altitude before taxiing without engaging anything else with the A/P. After take off I establish my VS for climb out manually then tap the A/P button. The computer holds my manually established VS and climbs to the altitude I pre-selected. From here you can change your VS and altitude in the A/P menu. I’ve used this method for years without any issues. Before disengaging the A/P always recalibrate your device. A sudden drop could still occur depending on load so be prepared. Hopefully this helps you.

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